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    It seems that the obfuscation that Blizzard was rumoured to bring in to prevent addons accessing unauthorized APIs have scrambled or perhaps encrypted the opcodes. Or maybe something else. However, if this is a major roadblock, then it should be opened up to the community and then perhaps a group effort might shed some light upon this. Worst case is that it is stuck at 7.2.5 forever, I had to go back to backups to get my client as Battlenet updated it to 7.3.0 a while back. It would be nice to have an update other than soon if possible.
  2. Hi, Recently the trainers have been replaced by a system of tables that are not documented. The sniffs from Wowpacketparser have entries for some of the trainer tables, yet are missing gossip_menu_option_trainer which is used to link them. To link this cooking trainer (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=1699/gremlock-pilsnor) to the trainer table, you have to manually work out what it could be by the type of spells in the trainer_spell table, pull it back to the trainer table, then link the gossip_menu_it from creature_template to the `gossip_menu_option_trainer` table. INSERT INTO `gossip_menu_option_trainer` (`MenuId`,`OptionIndex`,`TrainerId`) VALUES (5853,0,136); The new system is much better, however it is undocumented, and Wowpacketparser does not fill in that table, so every entry must be reverse engineered and guessed at if there are multiple trainers of the same type. In case someone wants to get a trainer working manually, the above method works, however if Wowpacketparser can be updated to have entries for the `gossip_menu_option_trainer` table then the process would be much simpler. Thanks, Glenn
  3. Hi, Not sure how welcome this information is, but here is my honest opinion. I have worked on Everquest as well, and the documentation is superior to that. It took me 4 days of giving up multiple times before I could get the installation guide working. It really could do with a Feynman workover. I am writing Spellscripts, creature scripts, conditions, hooks, cross-refencing data in DBCs, and are able to write more complex scripts. However, this is from a detailed and ongoing one on one tutorial from someone who has used the codebase for many years. I think we need working examples on how to write quests/scripts/hooks/conditions/summons/mounting vehicles/etc Right now I cannot get a creature to spawn on a mount, trying vehicle_accessory and vehicle_template_accessory to no avail. It needs a really comprehensive FAQ, searchable, which answers every dumb question, has every step in Feynman detail, and a working in-code example of how to use the tables. There are tables that are in the master core that only have documentation for 3.3.5 definitions. There are tables in the master that are not specified, and must be guessed at. I have made contributions here, and spent a great deal of work doing so, only to have the eventual commit criticized by "the" senior developer, even though it solved trainers for 6.X getting working where they have never worked before. So I will never make another contribution because new contributors are NOT encouraged, but told to use the sniffer, but yet there are no detailed instructions on how to use it, to cross-reference entries and find missing data. I am glad you are asking how you can improve. From my experience above, I could have become a solid contributor if I was encouraged, and not treated like crap when I put in a heap of work to try and improve the core without any knowledge of how it worked. The reason I had no knowledge is the documentation gave me none. No offense intended with this post. You asked how you could make it easier. 1. A Feynman workover on all guides 2. A detailed FAQ for every dumb question, with a nice answer 3. Stop criticism of contributors who are doing their best and trying to help, but fall short of the lofty standards of the core developer(s) Thanks, Glenn
  4. Links to a thread that links to a site that charges money
  5. Hi, It seems to work fine for my custom quests. Without all relevant tables including quest_* then I cannot see a way to help you further. Thanks, Glenn
  6. Hi, The Data1 field should contain the "Entry" value in the table gameobject_loot_template I do not see you mention this table, it needs to have a valid entry. Thanks, Glenn
  7. Hi, I had exactly the same problem. Delete the vmaps directory from both executable and compile dir, and extract it again from the WOW executable directory using the latest extractor executables. It appears that the structure of how it is built has changed, and instead of reporting that it is an incorrect format, it reports that it does not exist. Thanks, Glenn
  8. I found the error, please stop looking, it is on my end So sorry My cmake was pointing to a subdir
  9. Automatic updates, emptied world, characters and hotfixes and let worldserver.exe populate them. Kept my auth db, but let automatic updates run on it. tried it a couple of times, emptied world db, run worldserver.exe same thing
  10. Hi All, Clean install of world database, not had this problem before. Latest version, pull from one hour ago. Please help if you can. >> Loaded 0 black market auctions. DB table `blackmarket_auctions` is empty. Loading Guild rewards... >> Loaded 62 guild reward definitions in 6 ms Loading Guilds... Loading guilds definitions... [1054] Unknown column 'g.level' in 'field list' Your database structure is not up to date. Please make sure you've executed all queries in the sql/updates folders. Thanks
  11. Hi All, I have just written my first SAI script, copying from another and it was a partial success. I do not know how to create text for an NPC to say, and how/where to link it. I think it is connected with a data script, but no details. I do not know how to stop an NPC from attacking. Are there any resources available to assist? I have looked at the SAI Editor for Keira2, it is very good, but linking up a working SAI with an Idiots Guide to how to show text, stop attacking, run away to a certain point, etc would be very helpful. An extremely complex SAI like insertwww.wowhead.com/quest=29678/shu-the-spirit-of-water seems daunting to write. If the information is available via sniffs, then that would be fantastic, I have installed the sniff tool but live is so volatile atm that it is out of date, and even were it to be rewritten most likely live will be patched at least once per week for the near future, so it might not be worth the effort. TLDR: I can't work out how to write SAI scripts, please help Thanks, Glenn
  12. While playing with the latest client, 7.0.3 It will not start the quest 28780 (Join the Battle) inserting into character_queststatus resolves the issue Edit: The entire questchain is broken, each must be added manually Edit: Quest Fear No Evil is broken, the injured soldiers are never generated
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