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  1. Hi All, I have just written my first SAI script, copying from another and it was a partial success. I do not know how to create text for an NPC to say, and how/where to link it. I think it is connected with a data script, but no details. I do not know how to stop an NPC from attacking. Are there any resources available to assist? I have looked at the SAI Editor for Keira2, it is very good, but linking up a working SAI with an Idiots Guide to how to show text, stop attacking, run away to a certain point, etc would be very helpful. An extremely complex SAI like seems daunting to write. If the information is available via sniffs, then that would be fantastic, I have installed the sniff tool but live is so volatile atm that it is out of date, and even were it to be rewritten most likely live will be patched at least once per week for the near future, so it might not be worth the effort. TLDR: I can't work out how to write SAI scripts, please help Thanks, Glenn
  2. While playing with the latest client, 7.0.3 It will not start the quest 28780 (Join the Battle) inserting into character_queststatus resolves the issue Edit: The entire questchain is broken, each must be added manually Edit: Quest Fear No Evil is broken, the injured soldiers are never generated