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####### English Version ########

Hello Everyone!.

I am requesting a script to change username in php, someone would be so kind as to contribute?.

Thanks in advance


###### Version Español ######

Hola a todos.

Estoy necesitando un codigo php para cambiar el nombre de usuario, alguno podria aportarlo?

se los agradeceria mucho. saludos!


Version: TrinityCore 3.3.5a.

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I can't guarantee this would work right because of how TC handles logins, but in theory 

class Account {

                  public function __construct() {

                              $this->db = new db();


                  public function ChangeUsername($arg, $arg2) {

                              $userup = strtoupper($arg);

                              $passup = strtoupper($arg2);

                              $query = <<<SQL

                              UPDATE account

                              SET username = :arg

                              AND sha_pass_hash = :arg2


                             $resource = $this->db->db->prepare( $query );

                             $resource->execute( array (

                              ":arg" => $userup,

                              ":arg2" => sha1($userup.':'.$passup),



Simply Define Your Database Connection and then call the script with 

$account = new Account();


This is a very rough draft, but if you know what you're doing with any of the code then it wouldn't be hard to implement. However I can't say I would recommend it regardless.


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