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I can't login into the 3.3.5 server (i host 2.4.3 too)

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I made 2 realms, one for 2.4.3, one for 3.3.5 but for some reason when I try to connect to the 3.3.5 realm I'm getting this error in the cosole: 

  • WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: Client *my home pc's ip is here* requested connecting with realm id 22 but this realm has id 2 set in config.

I also get this in-game: 

  • The game server you have chosen is currently down. Use the Change Realm button to choose another Realm.

The Auth.exe that I use is by OregonCore 2.4.3 for both, but Oregon is 50-60% TrinityCore. When I use the auth.exe by TrinityCore the same problem occurs in the 2.4.3 realm but the 3.3.5 starts working. I don't have any other errors like DB & etc. That's the only problem. 
I checked the DB auth > realmist and everything looks fine. Here's a picture: http://prntscr.com/mhpbmr
I have also opened all the needed ports.

Also - worldconfig for 3.3.5:

  • LoginDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;mysql user;mysql pass;auth"
  • WorldDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;mysql user;mysql pass;world2"
  • CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mysql user;mysql pass;characters2"
  • RealmID = 2
  • WorldServerPort = 8086

and for 2.4.3

  • LoginDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;mysql user;mysql pass;auth"
  • WorldDatabaseInfo     = ";3306;mysql user;mysql pass;world"
  • CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mysql user;mysql pass;characters"
  • RealmID = 1
  • WorldServerPort = 8085

Also I checked the AuthSocket.cpp and realmlist.cpp, it looks like there is a code or whatever is called for 3.3.5:


  •     case 8606:                                          // 2.4.3
  •     case 10505:                                         // 3.2.2a
  •     case 11159:                                         // 3.3.0a
  •     case 11403:                                         // 3.3.2
  •     case 11723:                                         // 3.3.3a
  •     case 12340:                                         // 3.3.5a


  • static RealmBuildInfo ExpectedRealmdClientBuilds[] = {
  •     {12340, 3, 3, 5, 'a'},                                  // highest supported build, also auto accept all above for simplify future supported builds testing
  •     {11723, 3, 3, 3, 'a'},
  •     {11403, 3, 3, 2, ' '},
  •     {11159, 3, 3, 0, 'a'},
  •     {10505, 3, 2, 2, 'a'},
  •     {8606,  2, 4, 3, ' '},
  •     {6005,  1,12, 2, ' '},
  •     {5875,  1,12, 1, ' '},
  •     {0,     0, 0, 0, ' '}                                   // terminator
  • };

My account's gmlevel in account_access is set to '3' and 'RealmID: is 2', since the max rank level in 2.4.3 (RealmID: 1) is '5'.

Oh, almost forgot... I modified accounts table, also fusioncms recognize the realm: http://prntscr.com/mhpf3f // trinity is fresh-compiled soo... it's latest version, oregon is 2017 rev since we did tons of custom changes (it's fun server) but hey.. oregon is ded - latest rev is 1 year ago. ;c

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EDIT: Oh nevermind, i fixed it somehow... Now the Trinity's authserver.exe works perfect with Oregon/2.4.3 and now both realms works.

Edited by kepo

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