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Hello everyone. I have a small question about how can I access the spell ID`s used by creatures? In world database in creature_template table there is spell1, spell2, ... spell8 values wich correspond to spells wich I will be able to use when this creature is under Mind Control (as stated in wiki), but these values are set for creatuers up to level ~60 and for creatures from 70-80 none creatures have their spell1 .. spell8 set to any value. So my question is essentialy is where can I obtain the spell ID`s used by cretures? Obviously the creatures in 70-80 range have spell and they use them, but I dont see any values in world database and may be these spell lists come from dbc or something? I would realy appreciate any help ^_^

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    • By Madbryan
      I've follow the explanation to make a server with the mmaster branch.
      The authserver and worldserver launch without error.
      I've created an account with the command bnetaccount create
      But when i try to identificate on wow, it says that the login or password is invalid.
      How could vérify that password are encrypted in the right way and decrypt in the good way too ?
      Thanks in advance and for all your good work.
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      MySQL Workbench 8
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    • By MandyDark2
      I'm fixing some core spells and I'm really good at it.

      It turns out that the spell 196608 Eye of the Tiger, of the monk class, must cause damage and at the same time healing in the monk.

      What the spell has two effects that deal with this:

      Effect 0: Id 6 (SPELL_EFFECT_APPLY_AURA)
      Difficulty: Id 0 (DIFFICULTY_NONE)
      BasePoints = 0 + AP * 0.43
      Targets (1, 0) (TARGET_UNIT_CASTER, NO_TARGET)
      Aura Id 8 (SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_HEAL), value = 0, misc = 0 (0), miscB = 0, amplitude = 0, periodic = 2000

      Effect 1: Id 6 (SPELL_EFFECT_APPLY_AURA)
      Difficulty: Id 0 (DIFFICULTY_NONE)
      BasePoints = 0 + AP * 0.43
      Aura Id 3 (SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_DAMAGE), value = 0, misc = 0 (0), miscB = 0, amplitude = 0, periodic = 2000

      I had never encountered a spell in this way and what happens is that you can only cast the spell on an enemy and never apply the healing effect on the owner. If the aura is applied directly to the caster, apply the damage aura of Effect 1 not the heal of Effect 0.

      Does the core support launching specifically the effect of a spell on a creature? There's another way to solve this?
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      I run mysql via Command Prompt has worked for me for a long time in projects ... I think it may be ... because I point the configuration file.
      This sentence caught my attention: "failed! If you are a user" (phrase shown in the worldserver log) which I think may have to have permission
      The mysql configuration file, Server log file and the bat pitcher in the form of text is attached, if no one accidentally runs.
      The mysql configuration file and the bat mysql run in the form of text is attached, so no one accidentally runs.
      I will continue to seek a solution, if I find I put here for others with the same problem.
      Thank you for all!

      Since I do not speak English, I translated using google, I'm sorry for that.
    • By LordPsyan
      I am trying to make a spell script, something I have never messed with before. Simply put, a spell is cast upon you when you touch an object. I have that working, since that is a game object script. it also adds a 30 second duration, which also works, but does not show the countdown timer like many other spells. I think this needs to be done in a spell script, instead of newSpell->SetDuration(30000); in gameobject script.
      I cannot figure out how to get the timer working, and then get another spell cast upon the player.
      I have this set in my spell script, so if the spell is removed by any other means, the script shouldn't do anything:
                      if (GetTargetApplication()->GetRemoveMode() != AURA_REMOVE_BY_EXPIRE && GetTargetApplication()->GetRemoveMode() != AURA_REMOVE_BY_ENEMY_SPELL)
      so to sum up my question:
      spell cast upon player. timer counts down 30 seconds, which gives player enough time to remove the spell, then at end of countdown, another spell cast upon player. Can anyone give me some sample code? I tried working with professor putricide spell codes, and the life bloom spell, but its just not triggering. Yes I added an entry in spell_script_names...
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