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Unable to login (BLZ51900003) after server/client successfully setup


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Hi guys,

I've been following this amazing guide https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130077/Installation+Guide thus far to setup latest master build on ubuntu 20.04, everything is working,  I created account using gm command from worldserver console :

bnetaccount create test@test test

the acccount is successfully created, however it fails with BLZ51900003 error code when I try to login from wow client on another windows machine on my local network (

I turned on trace mode and the only log from bnet server as below when I login:

[] Accepted connection

[0 ms] SQL(p): DELETE FROM ip_banned WHERE unbandate<>bandate AND unbandate<=UNIX_TIMESTAMP()

[1 ms] SQL(p): SELET unbandate > UNIX_TIIMESTAMP() OR unbandate = bandate AS banned, NULL as country from ip_banned WHERE ip = ''  

I've confirmed that my network and database all correctly set and permission granted. What should I look into to resolve this problem? 

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Today i compiled to newest master branch and was stuck on the same login error.
Normal accounts dont work for me, only bnet accounts work for me.

So creating an account like this works for me: bnetaccount create [email protected] mypassword
Then ingame you log in using this username: [email protected]

Also i made the mistake to have an typo in my first account, but i dont want to talk about that... :P

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