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  1. The connection patcher binary that is created is capable of patching on any OS. For example, if you use Linux (like I do), you just copy WoW.exe to some directory that you can run the patcher in, and viola -- patched Windows executable under Linux. Need to patch the Mac binary -- same deal. The patcher looks for offsets in the file, those offsets don't change just because you are patching the file under a different OS. So you can patch: Win on Mac Mac on Win Both on Linux -- Brian
  2. Ahhh -- gotcha. @Aokromes As to the OP, as I said, once it is fixed I will be glad to send you a compiled patcher, but in the meantime you may want to give: https://github.com/kennethreitz/osx-gcc-installer a shot. Do note: "Do not install this if you already have Xcode installed! Mixing Xcode and osx-gcc-installer is known to cause various difficult-to-diagnose problems and is not recommended."
  3. No it doesn't -- patching Signature EX: unable to find pattern An error occurred. Press ENTER to continue...
  4. It won't matter since it hasn't been updated to the latest build yet. Once it is, I will be glad to send you a compiled binary... Here is what I get when I tried to patch today: swango:World of Warcraft swango$ ./connection_patcher --path=./World\ of\ Warcraft.app/Contents/MacOS/World\ of\ Warcraft -e 20216 Creating patched binary... Determined build number: 20216 Mac client... patching Portal Found offset 23207728 patching redirect RSA Modulus Found offset 23422336 patching BNet Found offset 2262849 patching Signature EX: unable to find pattern An error occurred. Press ENTER to continue... -- Brian
  5. Please place a restriction on fixes that use Blizzard content. Getting paid for code that emulates their server is fine, but getting paid to use their content outright is just wrong. So, for example, fixing the phasing system so that it works bizz like is OK, but fixing a quest with all the dialogs -- ehh -- that is just wrong. Obviously I have no say here anymore, but seriously, please consider it. -- Brian
  6. Thanks dude, since I ditched Windows I mainly use Linux, but I also have a Macbook, so this was a great help.
  7. @Paradox -- wow man, just wow. -- Brian
  8. Just a little education for you, you didn't create a table, you created a field. If you really aren't running a repack, then you more than likely missed a SQL update. -- Brian
  9. Yes... -- Brian EDIT: There is a little program that gets compiled and executed git_id, or git_config or some crap like that. If you run it in an hg repo, it gets wigged. Your alternative is to delete the .hg directory and compile the source without it being in version control -- then _FULLVERSION will be set to 0. EDIT2: Alternatively, you can just hard code it
  10. Sorry -- didn't pay attention to the fact that you were running Ubuntu. I use Centos, and that is the equvalant packages. If you installed the -dev packages, you shouldn't have issues. -- Brian
  11. You didn't install bzip2-devel. You need the development headers, not just the bzip2 runtime... -- Brian EDIT: you will prob. run into the same issue with zlib, if you didn't install zlib-devel
  12. From your post ... but maybe this will make it a little easier to read: Or are you saying you don't understand that either? If not, go back and read the wiki again. -- Brian
  13. Dude, you are trying to import some mangos SQL file. They use the required field and specify the *supposed* last SQL fle that you imported. The other possibility is that was the last thing you imported and you are seeing an old error. The world_database.sql file WILL generate an error (look at the top of the file -- it has +++ REMOVE THIS blah blah +++. MySQL chokes on the +++). We did that on purpose to keep people from doing what you are trying to do and wiping out their database. -- Brian
  14. If it is a fresh install of the world DB, then you only need to install the updates in sql/updates/world. Anytime a new dump of the world DB is made, all the updates that are included are moved to the sql/old dir. If you are *upgrading* your DB, then you need to make sure you get any updates that are in the sql/old dir IF a new world DB was dumped since the last time you upgraded. -- Brian EDIT: and I meant to post the SQL you were using to spawn your GOs NOT your whole world DB
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