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  1. Since I don't use Windows I haven't looked into this, but you should be able to edit whatever batch to import each file sequentially rather than concatenating them to a single large file, and then there wouldn't be that issue. This is what the script I use for myself on Linux does; just import 1-by-1 in order instead of concatenating them importing.
  2. On the topic of the localized forums...Is the Italian sub-forum new? Just noticed the posts appearing in my unread list when none of the other localized forums do.
  3. I'll say it has been pretty educational to me just to dig into and hack away at such a large complex piece of software. I've done hobbyist programming for years, but never something so large, and mostly all C rather than C++. Learning a lot about some better methods to compartmentalize the other software I work on for fun.
  4. Ok, I expect you will be able to provide the build farm capable of fully testing TC on all supported host OSes, then? Windows, various Linux builds, and OSX would be great. Just post up here where the devs can remote into to test every build change first. Thanks for being such a supporter!
  5. You can cross-compile with MinGW. I started to cross-compile the vmap tools like that from my Debian machine to Windows but hit some issues with CMake I didn't feel like sorting through to fix a problem that wasn't mine (aka I don't care / need to run vmap on Windows...It was just a fun experiment). MinGW doesn't support -rdynamic option but CMake (for this project? in general? IDK, haven't looked at CMake much) enforces it during the build-tests and fails out.
  6. That's kinda what I figured. Is there possiblly an IPB mod to push that to the UserCP? I honestly don't know what it would involve (if it's doable and you felt up to it ) as I've only ever run phpBB boards myself.
  7. The view new content link at the top right of each page is what I usually load to find what's new and going on here. I've noticed any posts beneath Custom Code and Mods never appear in that feed. I get that it's probably intentional board wide, but would it be possible to add it as a UserCP option? Or is there another method I can use to get "all" forums on the board into that feed for myself? (aside from the language ones, I'm just a dumb American and only speak English )
  8. No, you have no rights. This is a volunteer community of private members. Nobody guaranteed you help and support or even that you could create an account. Drop the entitlement attitude. So compile it. It's included in the GitHub repository where you should have found all the rest of the core source. If you didn't compile it yourself you won't get any help here anyway. No.
  9. I use Linux, but a quick Google found this: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/da-DK/vcgeneral/thread/df97a541-c630-4797-b6a0-baf768b733bb Try re-installing your Visual Studio. Otherwise that link has directions on how to manually configure your include paths to find the appropriate system headers. NOTE: That link also states if you build from the command line (make.exe directly) you still need to ensure your paths are set in your environment variables properly.
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