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  1. Iirc gms get factionid 35, so you are not getting attacked (by most npcs. Bosses are an expection here). If you go out of gm mode, your faction is restored and normal faction check is done.
  2. Besides that we do not support private servers, but meh... I think replace Wolrd Of War with World of War. Somehow, this mistake is too striking to not be without sense.
  3. Google said it could be a path too long, exceeding a certain amount of characters. I do not think it's that. Can you link the entire path, maybe remove the ' within path. Worth a try, seems like the only actual characer out of place
  4. Look at this. Now, see this particular part: Now tell me why you see help on our system by following a guide of a third person on a third forum if we have a properly, solid guide on this page that would easily cover it ? Then again, Paradox also gave sort of a hint. If it covers it ? We don't know. Seems you are one of the only ones having it.
  5. Surprise, surprise, it's an attachment which are usually only shown for registered users. Just saying.
  6. The reason why I split it up is that we had 3 different instructions about how to proceed after the compilation part. Having 3 different parts each saying essential the same that we would have to edit for one thing is a bit bad and I think this would make it more efficient, if only a bit more... easier on the longer run. Probably misjudged about the other instructions though, as you pointed out.
  7. No error in itself. File is listed in listfile, but does not exist. Disgard.
  8. That aside that you'd just need to update Auth and Character if you need to... "keep" possible tester accounts... On a clean core, you could simply replace world.
  9. Ahhhh. https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/0513d9c8d007eab717b1658a1d87a383caa27c9a A fix is being worked on right now.
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