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  1. Well I had a similar problem. But did you change the in the bnetserver.conf of the external address to your IP, did you change the IP in the DB under auth? And I am guessing that your friends changed their wtf folder to your ip. If it does work then Creds are all to whoever helped me :p. If you're having trouble finding where to change the ips in the config file they are listed in LoginREST.Port = 8081 LoginREST.ExternalAddress=<the ip you're trying to connect your friends to> LoginREST.LocalAddress=<your IPv4 ip>
  2. Hamachi?? are you using Trinitycore??O_o Sounds like you're using a repack and if so then it has nothing to do with Trinitycore..
  3. Oh wow ok fixed thanks man!!! was just weird because I didn't do that last time and it worked.
  4. Hi there, I wasn't having this issue a few days ago but since I reinstalled TC etc my friend can't connect over LAN. I have set required fields accordingly in the auth database accordingly under ralmlist: address: (My IPv4 address) localadress: It was working a few days ago but now it seems to be giving me issues I have disables firewall etc.. It just doesn't want to wok now. Any solutions? options I have tried are changing both to my LAN IP, changing them around when I run bnetserver it seems correct: Bnet.log
  5. My patcher does patch but the patched exe doesn't work unless I use the cmd command.
  6. hmmm, I'm not too sure then. I know that I only changed my localadress in the DB to my LAN ip and also changed the address in the wtf file to my lan ip and it was working. I didn't change anything else.
  7. LAN you should set the localadress to your LAN ip. Also remember to change you .wtf file to it as well. Keep address to,
  8. Hi guys. Well after the latest build update of 6.2.4. Some stuff that I recently added is not working in-game. I updated core re-built and loaded updates for sql from the sql/updates folder. However in my DB the values are all there still but in-game it is not showing. Like creature equip template. The NPC dont have the weapons equipped. As well as some world trigger NPC that I recently added. Any clue as to what I might have done wrong?
  9. Yep, the error is right there. Missing table. But ye what Aokromes said. Edit: Yes, I also got this error, fix is simple just drop world database (don't know if you have to but I did) Then you remake it. after that you simply load the 6.04 TDB world SQL file and then run worldserver again. That should fix it.
  10. Uhm, look in the text file right at the bottom for the error. Should be called server.txt share the error. Same as Bnet should also have a .txt file with the error. That could be caused from a lot of issues such as mySQL security or missing DB files etc.
  11. Hard for "me" to explain. But I have a slight understanding. Just read whatever is under the hotfixes DB in the wiki and I am sure that you will get an idea of what it is for. Example: You have an item which is plate, you can set it to leather if you want and also to what slot it should be along with other stuff such as flags etc.. Correct me if I'm wrong.(Just my understanding so far, might or probably will be wrong=D). Also interested in knowing the full use of this table.
  12. Haha well as far as I know trinity eats quite some resources so either you're running other programs that eats memory while running trinity, or you don't have enough of something in that tower.. Other then that I don't know.
  13. Was both auth and worldserver running?
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