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  1. As far as I know ediding dbc is illegal. But if you want learn dbc structure you can check this wiki site http://www.madx.dk/wowdev/wiki/index.php?title=DBC I hope I didnt break any rules.
  2. I had only one crash with this revision 99959e8cd786. It was problem with BG but I fixed it for myself. And Its perfect now.
  3. Trinity Revision: 99959e8cd786 DB: TDB 335.11.39 Custom patches: AC1 Online for 1 day, 16 hours, 18 minutes, 45 seconds Max players this uptime session: 1216 this revision is rock stable if you ask me. Confirmed. Most stable revision.
  4. maestro How much MapUpdate.Threads do you use?
  5. Im testing this revision now.
  6. He has good performance
  7. Do you have some custom patch?? If you havent then you didnt apply all updates. I use this code for update my db. for i in `ls *world*.sql`; do mysql -u your_username --password=your_password -f world<$i; done for i in `ls *characters*.sql`; do mysql -u your_username --password=your_password -f characters<$i; done
  8. Wow nice revision. I will test it.
  9. Its problem with ACE 6.0.2 I think. I use ACE 6.0.1 and I havent any warning or problems with compile. Try to install ACE 6.0.1.
  10. You are welcome. If you have clear db and newest revistion and you apply character script from */sql/base/characters_databes.sql then you dont need to apply update from Auth_Char. If you have some errors with worldserver then post it here and we will fix it.
  11. Its not include in TDB_Full_335.11.39_2011_04_02.sql You must update your world database. You have it in your repo */sql/updates/world/*
  12. You missed updates. like here SQL: SELECT * FROM achievement_dbc ORDER BY ID DESC; ERROR: [1146] Table 'world.achievement_dbc' doesn't exist
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