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3.3.5 and 6.x branches on one server?


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I'm a little bit confused.

Do I have to run authserver (3.3.5) and bnetserver (6.x) with a same auth database in order to make them as two realms, or I can do this only by bnetserver (6.x)?

I'm asking this, because it seems, that clients < 6.x are using different port, and I think I should run both.



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This just works.

You run both authserver and bnetserver on the same machine/using the same database - 3.3.5 clients will connect to authserver and see all realms you defined in realmlist table (for all clients) and 6.2.2 clients connecting through bnetserver will see the same realmlist (obviously realms for a different client version will be displayed in red as incompatible)

They both run on different ports by default so there will be no conflict


fun fact: if you modify a 3.3.5 client to connect to any bnet 'portal' and try logging in with an email username bnetserver will pick it up and immediately return an error telling you to use old login method (this may not work anymore as noone is capable of doing it AND at the same time stupid enough to try it)

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I'm doing a test developing server with 4 realms:

1 | 3.3.5 (Trinity)

2 | 4.3.4 (Trinity)

3 | 5.4.8 (SkyFire)

4 | 6.2.2 (Trinity)


I've managed to run 3.3.5 and 6.2.2 with one auth database, but 4.3.4 and 5.4.8 are not compatible, so I'll have to run multiple authservers on different ports.

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