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Sons of Hodir reputation question


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I had a question regarding the Sons of Hodir reputation entry in the database. It didn't seem like an issue since it's working correctly in game, so I didn't want to open anything on GitHub, but I do want to understand how it works just so I can wrap my brain around it.

On my server, I have a character who is somewhere into Honored with the Sons of Hodir. When I look in the character_reputation table in the database, though, their faction standing is set to 51175, which if I'm not mistaken is somewhere above the reputation cap. Other factions seem to work as I would expect them to, which is why I'm confused. Am I just misunderstanding how reputations are calculated or am I missing something obvious here? 

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Sorry, don't understand - what lower reputations? I didn't think there were prerequisites for that reputation, if that's what you mean.

I looked into it a little further and 0/3000 Neutral for Hodir is 42000, but 0/3000 Neutral for every other reputation is 0.

I apologize for not understanding! :(

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Ok, got it. So why do other reputations define 0/3000 Neutral as 0, and seemingly only Sons of Hodir uses the behaviour that you're describing? I guess that's what I'm most confused by, since I expected to see consistent behaviour across all factions in the table.


edit: clarity

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Spent some time looking through the source for mentions of reputation with ID 1119 or just the name "Hodir" in files, but no luck as far as understanding this. I feel like I'm not grasping something obvious here, but it just doesn't make sense to me. I haven't found any other faction that behaves like this in rep calculations.

Are there any other factions that behave like this?

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