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Best CMS for TrinityCore


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I am the original developer of TrinityManager, a great CMS from ages ago. I have been stagnent for many years, but have been considering building a new CMS to use side by side with TrinityCore (and perhaps even as an addition to the main core) using newer frameworks. One of the things that turned me away from continued development before was the seeming lack of interest in such a project. 

If I could get enough people interested in using it (and a couple of people to help develop it), I would definitely consider building a new and improved CMS that people could use. 

If anyone is in fact interested in this, get ahold of me. With enough interest, I will start on it.

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Yep, I remember this tool. When it was built for mangos, I ended up working on the development this, and if memory serves me ended up taking over for the original developer. Once TrinityCore came out I ended up building a new system I called trinitymanager and stopped working on minimanager.


Bruno I think was the guys name. 

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