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  1. SIGH....First off, if your going to point out an example and make a link, PLEASE link the appropriate thread. ALL of my response was because of that link. secondly if you are going to rant about something please post it in the appropriate place. i understand that you want to help with things. posting a bug report is helping. if you REALLY want to fix it your self, check out how the database tables are written for the gameobject_template(google is your friend), figure out what exactly is wrong with the entry and post the fix in the issue tracker. as for your final post, Trinity Core decided to try to keep the forums under control by the best means possible, which means that UNLESS your post/thread has something to do with the topic at hand, or has yet to be solved it WILL be closed/deleted ASAP. there have been SO many trolls and flamers here that(i believe) this was the general consensus on how to keep people from attacking each other here in the forums. also as far as i know the only place where these rules are relaxed(even a little bit) is here in the off-topic forum. every where else the "Rules" are Strictly followed.
  2. i dislike doing this as im not a confrontational person by nature, however there are some things here that need to be addressed. first off: @Maxxgold you stated that "Trinity Core has taken a working Mangos project and shined it up really good. It's by far the best version available.Yes the code is much better now but so what. The project was completed years ago.The problem is you haven't done anything yourselves and you act like you're so much better that us lowlies." i MUST disagree with you. YES Trinity Core Split from MaNGOS several years ago, and in fact MaNGOS is still NOT complete, however both projects are SO far apart now that they are truly both seperate now. I run BOTH CMaNGOS and TC projects and help with both however i can. One of the biggest differences is that TC has implemented boost awhile ago, where as CMaNGOS is JUST NOW STARTING to implement it. @Maxxgold you also stated "The whole time you are working on 4.3.4 you continually updated 3.3.5, which didn't need any updating because it's been finished several times over." JFYI to this day there are STILL broken quests, objects, spells and NPC's that are in the 3.3.5 branch of TC. if you don't believe me check the issues of TC on github and click a 3.3.5 tag.....at the time of this writing there are 196 issues relating to 3.3.5. So, 3.3.5 IS STILL NOT FINISHED. @Maxxgold you also stated "Your'e working on 6.x.x but you still waste time with 3.3.5 because it's the only thing you have to show and deep down each and everyone of you knows 3.3.5 is the only version that will ever be playable." have you EVER looked at the Milestones in the Issues of the Github repo of TC? if you had you would have noticed that 6x is 36% complete where as a few months ago it was down below 15%. yes it is taking some time for the devs to get things working, however there are only so many of them and they are not supermen(or women). as for the last part of your sentence, if this is how you feel, then leave. @Maxxgold said: "Also just a note if you weren't aware. At least one person here is running a private server that makes money. I would bet there are more but I only know of one for sure. I have played on that server. So when they try to act all high and mighty about private servers you should take it with a grain of salt. The real goal of this project for some of the members is to run illegal private servers for cash." if you know this for a fact the as a part of the community it would behoove you to report it. WITH PROOF!!! Dont make a claim that you cant back. Second : @m_pan said "Arokomes: ::Closes next well intentioned thread, no discussion::" i checked the link to the thread, and that thread is still open.....so he didnt close that thread... and JSYK, you were looking up objects IN GAME instead of in the DATABASE. the game reads the database and if there is a bug in the core that effects how the db is read, then you will get crap answers in game. next time search the database directly.....use one of the database management tools listed in the requirements page of the wiki(windows tab) @Zedron Thank you for saying what was needed to be said, even if it is a hard read. however you stated "The wiki is perfectly fine, I had a friend use it to set up TC for the first time just the other day. the only problems she had were things she missed / misread in the guide, and the vmap batch file code was missing for some reason." The wiki needs fixed atm. the LINUX tabs are missing info(unfortunately only one person can fix this atm as something is broken on the wiki website.....).
  3. all the Code blocks on the wiki are STILL not showing up.....all i see on firefox are lines of "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" where the codeblocks are suppose to be. when editing the wiki the information is there.
  4. I TOTALLY agree with hackersrage, the autoupdate function for the core is really nice!
  5. GOOD IDEA KingPin!!! now if the worst occurs we have a backup!
  6. the last commit on both trinityone and trinityzero was over a year ago. sigh
  7. still have a malfunction in the wiki, the codeblocks that show what to type in linux/osx are showing up a lines of ~~~~~ for some reason. im using firefox. i can check on chrome as well if necessary.
  8. for some reason, on firefox, i cannot change pages on a topic without resorting to right-clicking and selecting new tab. regular clicks on page numbers, arrows and first and last buttons do nothing
  9. new error on wiki: Navitabs License Missing There is a problem with the license of the Navitabs addon. Please check if you have a valid license.
  10. something is wrong with the wiki page, none of the code blocks are showing up in the installation instructions.
  11. i know that TrinityCore is not supporting or actively/officially developing a classic or tbc branch, however since there is an unoffical cata branch are there any classic and or tbc branches using trinity core?
  12. 3 days ago i fetched the updates to 6.x, rebuilt the core and attempted to run worldserver. i have autoupdate turned on, so when i started the it all the new .sql files were applied. However the server halted almost immediately after, saying that my dbc files were out of date, and to re-extract them. according to the last post on the 6.x is now the supported branch 6.2.0 20444 thread i am not suppose to re-extract the dbc files, however the core wouldnt start with out extracting the dbc's from 6.2.2(previously had dbc's from 6.2.0) i assumed that the thread hadnt been updated recently. was there an oversight on posting to the supported version thread?
  13. ​Yep! ​By the way when i patch the client i got this output: Creating patched binary... Win32 client... patching Portal Found offset 11671340 patching redirect RSA Modulus Found offset 10608752 patching BNet Found offset 7933815 patching Signature Found offset 7901388 Patching done. EX: basic_string::_S_construct null not valid An error occurred. Press ENTER to continue... I see there is an error but it still creates a patched wow.exe maybe the problem is caused by this error? ​the error is linux related...for some strange reason the connection patcher for the linux build gives this error. you will need to build the connection patcher on a windows machine and patch it there.
  14. let me explain what ive done and you tell me what you think..... ive taken the binarys from the base directory for wow 434 and copied them to a different directory and (using the MFIL and TFIL that are linked below) ran the background downloader. background downloader initilizes and downloads a patch 4.3.3 to 4.3.4 at 14.3gb. (the actual download is 21 cause it also downloads some 5.0 migration data to a temp directory as well, which can be deleted after the downloader finished) launching wow gives me a window stating that wow is performing initial setup of data files and then after about 2-3 mins shows me the login screen. after exiting the actual size of my wow folder is 20gb, but size on disk is 14 gb. now the last 2 times i did this the client will download an additional 6gb. i dont know if it has to be logged in or just at the login screen to do the download, but i be doing some checking into it. WoW.mfil.txt WoW.tfil.txt Edit1:edited for formating and to add the files Edit2: after launching the client i checked to see if my network was active while wow was running, and it was, so as long as the wow is running it continues to download. at the same time i checked what was going on in the wow data directory, and all of the .mpq's have .lock files as well, so i can only assume that its continuing to add data to the files. after exiting wow a placeholderarchive.temp file is created and all the .lock files are gone. this is normal from what i understand from other blizzard posts and is part of the streaming client. Edit3: for clarity
  15. In-ter-rest-ing......since your using the background downloader i would assume it would download whole files. when you get patched to 4.3.4 let me know what happens when running wow.exe.
  16. HMMM...MrSmite we need to compare mfil/tfil files, cause i found a way to get a launching client, and this file size sounds exactly like what was downloaded for me. if fact im willing to bet that after you get that downloaded, you will be able to log in to your private server and that the client will start streaming more files to get you up to the right size.
  17. so, after my 12 time doing this process i still didnt get a client that i could launch. and when i run the mapextractor it crashes immeadeatly. i may have an alternitive to this process, but before i post it i would like to know if any one has a different surefire tried and true method to get a client that will at least execute to the login screen and or allow the mapextractors to run properly?
  18. yes i did, and i used the mfil and tfil files out of the the collection you linked in the guide, and it didnt download anything......
  19. ok, finished patching, and no errors, but when i attempt to execute wow.exe i get the cannot stream required patch data issue......
  20. Well i figured out what i needed to do, silly me didnt run the tools updater that the guide tells you to do..... ive actually had to completely restart the process like 10 times in the last few days cause i didnt catch the launcher fast enough and it started to download tools. now im not positive and im not going to screw with my client checking, but is it possible that the tools it downloads are the same ones in the tools archive linked in the guide? at the moment im kinda stalled....silly me moved the script from the big update(the ~1.5gb one) instead of copying it, so now i have to redownload it just to get the script...... out of curiosity, is there any major differences between enUS and enGB
  21. sorry for the mulitpost earlier......3am my time and connecting to trinitycore.org becomes problematical..... any other ideas on getting this to patch properly?
  22. Grrrrrrr....now im haveing a md5 mismatch error on patch 13205 to 13287, and recopying the base.mpq isnt working.....headache after headache....
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