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  1. doesnt really matters, if you can and are on x64, do it
  2. you can mark it as "solved" by yourself
  3. mhhh... dbc extracted from that client? got no other idea, sorry m8
  4. souns weired, do you have any custom client patches? Did you recreate the char? Is it happening all the time? Maybe also clear cache folder.
  5. you have to patch it yourself, drag your exe to connection_patcher.exe
  6. seems to be not related to that 2 folders, deleted them on my machine and I am still able to connect, copied them to other machine -> not able to connect. I also checked some registry entrys, but nothing worked for me. I do not have a single clue what and where the information is stored >.< any other suggestions?
  7. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this belongs to the custom code section or not, sorry if I'm wrong here. What information is gathered by the client when logging in to the blizz realms and patching the exe? Where is this information stored and will we be able to port this information to another system to make it redundant to first log in to blizz servers and patch the exe for every machine I want to connect to my server? I'm thankful for every information and thoughts to this! Greetings yaga
  8. sounds really nice and would be comfortable, but is it really necessary? It is not that hard to manually sum up and apply the patches I think
  9. I don't think there are any extractors yet. 6.x is not playable at all..
  10. wow, it looks really nice and by removing the complete tob bar it will give a good overview of the hole project I think
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