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creature_loot_template Issue


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Can't seem to find a proper way to add the currency which a creature should drop.

For Example : 

INSERT INTO `creature_loot_template` (`entry`, `item`, `reference`, `chance`, `questrequired`, `lootmode`, `groupid`, `mincount`, `maxcount`, `comment`) VALUES
(72045, 738, 0, 28.3683, 0, 1, 0, 50, 50, 'Test'),
(72045, 777, 0, 48.6154, 0, 1, 0, 50, 50, 'Test');

This code should add to the creature "Chelon" , the Currencies Timeless Coin and Lesser Charm of Good Forune.

The problem is it adds in place the items with the id's , not the currencies.

Anyone can help with adding currencies to that specific creature ? Can't seem to find a way atm.

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Yes, that is the correct drop % according to wowhead. This npc drops a lot of other items that will get the chance closer to 100%.

The problem is using currency id's 738 and 777 doesn't give the currencys , it gives the item ids which is a completly different item.

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What Aokromes is trying to say is the currency is a item, for example in the console of the worldserver  you type .lookup item Timeless Coin and the echo output should  = this


TC>.lookup item Timeless Coin
101537 - Timeless Coin
104014 - Pouch of Timeless Coins
104034 - Purse of Timeless Coins
104035 - Giant Purse of Timeless Coins


so you add the item number to your creature loot table , with all the other trimmings.


So the Entry will the creature EntryID , Item will 101537 , 0 , Chance will as you set , questrequired as stated 1/0 , Lootmode 1 ,0 ,Min 1 max 1 , then comment what item it is for future reference.


This output was from the master version it may have different output for 3.3.5

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58 minutes ago, Shauren said:

That is so wrong. You do not add any similar named item to loot. Currency in loot is currently not implemented and cannot be added.

Aha, that answers my question, the adding of a different item felt weird.

Should I make a issue on github as a future thing to fix ?

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Thank you Shauren for setting it straight, is there any other place where we can find out what is and isn't implemented , because it would be great to have a system that is easy access , and not by looking thru the 1000's problems in the GitHub is daunting and having and for other people to help out with the project , in anyway there is no indexing of what people in dev team is working on or not, also seems that the dbase which isn't a concern to you all dev's script writing , but with over 70k of errors , which include scripts with defunct spells, items, creatures and objects. With defunct quests creatures loot spells that are all brought forward from 3.3.5 dbase. Offtopic it went  but like this to be more talked about in a forum. And Helping out well I have already with the dbase I am running have fixed abit over 16k of errors but would like to help with that more.



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