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Trinitycore 7.3.5 worldserver crash upon second opening


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I am experiencing a problem with Trinitycore 7.3.5. When starting the worldserver for the very first time, everything starts up fine and it works. But once the server is closed and opened up again, the following error shows up every time. I have also tried recompiling and erasing the database and once again it worked the first time, but then the same error over and over.


No core or database madifications have been made, this is a raw TC 7.3.5 pull.


Any advise on what I can do? 


Ps. I do not wish to upgrade to TC 8.xx because I have tried it and it is simply too unstable right now to use it, so I really want to get this Legion core to work. 





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22 minutes ago, Demolol said:

It's literally telling you the exact problem. You have an error in your SQL syntax at InstanceSaveManager::LoadResetTimes. Compare that function in your core to trinitycore 8.x and see if it's different. If it's not, then your db might be out of date.


The core is 7.3.5 and it's unmodified, so there's nothing for me to compare it to...

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