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Help - How to enable world missions ??? --- (8.3.7_35662)


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I am going through a big problem.

all maps in "BFa" are completely empty. (without "mobs", without "Npc's".

how can I enable world missions and all the content in "BFa".  ??????????????????????

I looked everywhere on this subject, but I was unsuccessful.

I apologize, I am a beginner in the projects.


I am currently using this project. 8.3.0 (33369)



updated to 8.3.7 (35662)

Source project


My WorldServ.conf
#    Expansion
#        Description: Allow server to use content from expansions. Checks for expansion-related
#                     map files, client compatibility and class/race character creation.
#        Default:     7 - (Expansion 7)
#                     6 - (Expansion 6)
#                     5 - (Expansion 5)
#                     4 - (Expansion 4)
#                     3 - (Expansion 3)
#                     2 - (Expansion 2)
#                     1 - (Expansion 1)
#                     0 - (Disabled, Ignore and disable expansion content (maps, races, classes)

Expansion = 8


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    • By arcaniafr
      i want implement lfg list but i want implement GroupFinderActivity.db2, GroupFinderActivityGrp.db2 and GroupFinderCategory.db2.
      After add structure, meta, loadinfo, the core start but i ve this error :
      thanks for help me :

      struct GroupFinderActivityEntry
          uint32       ID;
          LocalizedString* FullName;
          LocalizedString* ShortName;
          uint8       GroupFinderCategoryID;
          uint8       OrderIndex;
          uint16        GroupFinderActivityGrpID;
          uint8       MinLevel;
          uint8       MaxLevelSuggestion;
          uint32        Flags;
          uint16      MinGearLevelSuggestion;
          uint16      MapID;
          uint8       DifficultyID;
          uint16      AreaID;
          uint8       MaxPlayers;
          uint8       DisplayType;

      struct GroupFinderActivityMeta
          static DB2Meta const* Instance()
              static DB2MetaField const fields[14] =
                  { FT_STRING, 1, true },
                  { FT_STRING, 1, true },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, true },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_INT, 1, false },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_SHORT, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
                  { FT_BYTE, 1, false },
              static DB2Meta instance(974813, -1, 14, 14, 0xB0090189, fields, -1);
              return &instance;

      struct GroupFinderActivityLoadInfo
          static DB2LoadInfo const* Instance()
              static DB2FieldMeta const fields[] =
                  { false, FT_INT, "ID" },
                  { false, FT_STRING, "FullName" },
                  { false, FT_STRING, "ShortName" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "GroupFinderCategoryID" },
                  { true, FT_BYTE, "OrderIndex" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "GroupFinderActivityGrpID" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "MinLevel" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "MaxLevelSuggestion" },
                  { false, FT_INT, "Flags" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "MinGearLevelSuggestion" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "MapID" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "DifficultyID" },
                  { false, FT_SHORT, "AreaID" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "MaxPlayers" },
                  { false, FT_BYTE, "DisplayType" },
              static DB2LoadInfo const loadInfo(&fields[0], std::extent<decltype(fields)>::value, GroupFinderActivityMeta::Instance(), HOTFIX_SEL_GROUP_FINDER_ACTIVITY);
              return &loadInfo;
      PreparedStatementBase::setBool ASSERTION FAILED: index < statement_data.size()
    • By reyne
      Hey there!

      I've followed a few threads here about map extraction, and am still having issues. Originally, I was having the issue described here.
      After following the advice given in that thread (creating characters of both BC races and running around for a bit), I am no longer getting that error, however now I get the following error while trying to extract maps:

      `Error loading World\Maps\Expansion01\Expansion01_42_6.adt`

      This repeats for every line in Expansion01, and then the extractor crashes.

      I'm not sure where else to go from here.

      Thanks for your help

      Edit: I've created an 85 on an i85 server and flown all around Outland now, same issue.
    • By Sergio
      I pulled the latest update of TC to version
      When I extracted dbc and maps from retail ( some of them couldnt be readed or couldnt be opened. I will give you an image of the mapextractor.exe. Also I have different locales on my WoW Client, and some of them can open on different locales, meanwhile not in others. For example, the extractor could read Achievemnt.db2 from esES locale, but not from enUS.

    • By Ithylis
      =====[ English ]=====
      First of all I'm sorry if my english is not good, it's the use of Mr Google translation
      That's after years I restart in a WoW private server.
      I thank everyone who gives their time to help TrinityCore evolve.
      I appeal to the community because I can not find the dbc-cameras-vmaps-maps-mmaps-gt files of master
      I have the official version of the game in 8.2.5 and going through Arctium I do not have the data to extract all that, or else I get it wrong.
      Would anyone be kind enough to share all these extracted files please?
      Thank you very much and have a good day / night
      =====[ Français ]=====

      Avant tout je suis désolé si mon anglais n'est pas bon, c'est l'utilisation de Monsieur Google traduction

      Voilà après des années je me relance dans un serveur privé WoW.
      Je remercie tout ceux qui donnent de leur temps pour faire évoluer TrinityCore.
      Je fais appel à la communauté, car je n'arrive pas à trouver les fichiers dbc-cameras-vmaps-maps-mmaps-gt de la version master
      J'ai la version officielle du jeu en 8.2.5 et en passant par Arctium je n'ai pas les données pour extraire tout cela, ou alors je m'y prends mal.

      Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait la bonté de partager tous ces fichiers extraits s'il vous plait ?

      Merci beaucoup et bonne journée/nuit
    • By Destro
      Hello guys how ot make a new account gm level 4 ? I am asking because SOAP needs account level 4 and i know only the console is level 4, so how to create new account for soap and make it GM Level 4 ?
      I am using TrinityCore
      PP: i tryed to see the topic with question but
      Sorry, there is a problem
      We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
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