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  1. you have to patch the original game exe files on each machine if they didnt have 7.3.5 running before, because the connaction_patcher downloads some files for you to be able to connect so build your trinity server on your server (linux or win) set it up, etc, build the tools on a windows machine, you will only need the connection_patcher from it then patch the wow.exe and wow64.exe in your game, but leave there the original files too you can then copy your game to any pc, but have to patch the orinal files again
  2. you can either give killcredit for the objective's object entry or make it blizzway by casting the credit spell by player-selfcast Clue #1 obtained, spell: 79181 Hobo Information Clue #2 obtained, spell: 79182 Hobo Information Clue #3 obtained, spell: 79183 Hobo Information Clue #4 obtained, spell: 79184 Hobo Information
  3. you know that wpp has an inner storage for everything which is going to be dumped to txt.. so why not simply make a winform gui in wpp? it should not autoclose after parsing is done, instead open up the gui where you could do searching for the already parsed/stored stuff. dont have to reinvent the wheel again, (there is no sniffer atm so you have time )
  4. open map.dbc, find the map id, and port around to .go xyz 0 0 0 mapid
  5. // cache equipment... for (uint32 i = 0; i < INVENTORY_SLOT_BAG_END; ++i) { if (Item* item = GetItemByPos(INVENTORY_SLOT_BAG_0, i)) { ss << item->GetTemplate()->GetInventoryType() << ' ' << item->GetDisplayId() << ' '; if (SpellItemEnchantmentEntry const* enchant = sSpellItemEnchantmentStore.LookupEntry(item->GetEnchantmentId(PERM_ENCHANTMENT_SLOT))) ss << enchant->ItemVisual; else ss << '0'; ss << ' '; } else ss << "0 0 0 "; }
  6. you are missing something, probably choosing the wrong compiler as said above
  7. create 2 dirs, ie: c/source //pull source from git to here (usualyl git makes a /trinitycore/ dir, if it happened, move everything out from it to c/source) so you should have c/source/.git c/source/cmake c/source/src c/source/sql etc, and some files like CMakeLists.txt, .gitignore, etc[/code] create: [u]c/build[/u] //leave empty run cmake gui fill in / browse the two top fields: "where is the source code? " [u]c/source[/u] "where to build? " [u]c/build[/u] press Configure, check for anny error, if none, click generate, tadam, you should have a VS project file in the build dir
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