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  1. Tutorial updated for 6.x too. Note: Debug mode isn't working with 6.x #14689 so use Release.
  2. In right sidebar: Popular Contributors -> Month is broken (while Week, Year and All Time are working fine) Also tell me when you choose the forum theme definitely, so I can try to adapt the home page style to the forum one.
  3. http://community.trinitycore.org/topic/11430-434-branch-download/?do=findComment&comment=73621
  4. I can't find the option to add a screenshot to a Download Edit: Also ‚Äčsearch switched from sphinx to internal, and internal is... sucky to say the least, i need to install and setup sphinx again. gmail should be working as a login now. lemme know if it doesnt. ‚ÄčLogin with Google is working fine, thank you King Pin!
  5. Also: - Search seems to be partially broken, it just find too few things - [suggestion] there is the login-with-facebook or twitter (after linkin the forum account with the social one), it would be nice to have log-in-with-gmail too Edit: "Moderation Actions" are no longer working for me, I still see the button but when I click an option it opens a blank page and do nothing.
  6. Other things broken: - quotes in post - favicon - right sidebar disappeared, it should be re-added imho including downloads and that new top-forum-contributors thing that was there until yesterday - top navbar is missing links Also we finally have the forum in mobile version, it's cool, but the "New content" link is not there in mobile version (or it's just I can't find it).
  7. The home page login form no longer works Edit: there are no longer user signatures Edit2: the "Location" label of the user need a white space after it Edit3: the upper right "downloads" block is no longer there
  8. If it's 3.3.5a it should run fine under wine, maybe you need to add some rows in your Config.wtf file. I don't have it at hand now, but I'm sure you can easily find tutorials on Google about how to increase wow fps under wine.
  9. Tutorial updated for Mac OS X 10.10.x "Yosemite".
  10. I agree with you, I would remove those buttons too, but as said I just remake the layout, ask to the admin for contents change.
  11. I can't reduce the size of the top bar due to Ohloh, zip, tar, etc... image links. As I said, I've just remade the layout, but I used the very same contents of the old webpage, trying to put existing elements in the best place. However, mobile version is a bit different, there isn't login form and the icons are hidden: but you can press the top-right button and show/hide them: The login form is used to log in forums, I wanted to shorten the login process starting from homepage, before it was: load homepage -> load forums -> open login form & sign in now it is: load homepage -> sign in
  12. This is a new responsive layout for our homepage I've created basing on the current one (I used the same content, just changed the layout): http://shinworld.altervista.org/trinitycore/ it should be also mobile-friendly, I've tested it on my Nexus 5 and it seems good. If you like it and want to use for the TrinityCore homepage, I would be glad to give you the source code EDIT: I've uploaded the source code here.
  13. Did you set authserver.realmlist.address properly? http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/realmlist#realmlist-address
  14. I don't understand why we could enter into a "grey area" just becouse someone will get paid for her/his work. There is nothing wrong with it.
  15. You're right, I edited my first post using these symbolic links. Then probabily you have some custom script which is causing the issue, for me it's working without -DSCRIPTS=0 (just tested on a clean latest TC).
  16. This tutorial aims to simplify the compilation of TrinityCore on Mac OS X by using Homebrew, the missing package manager for OS X, to install TrinityCore dependencies, in order to keep things simple. 1) Install Homebrew For those who don't have Homebrew installed, you can easily install it typing: ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" 2) Install Xcode and Command Line Tools Install XCode using the App Store, then type: xcodeselect --install 3) Install dependencies brew update brew install mysql openssl readline cmake boost zlib brew link zlib --force 4) Getting sources Move to the folder where you want to place the TrinityCore sources, then type: git clone https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git cd TrinityCore If ( and ONLY if ) you want to compile 3.3.5 type: git checkout 3.3.5 Create build folder: mkdir build cd build 5) Generate the XCode project files IMPORTANT: replace /Users/username/tc-server of the following command with the path where you want to install the TrinityCore server. then type: cmake ../ -GXcode \ -DMYSQL_ADD_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/include \ -DMYSQL_LIBRARY=/usr/local/mysql/lib/libmysqlclient_r.dylib \ -DREADLINE_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/local/opt/readline/include \ -DREADLINE_LIBRARY=/usr/local/opt/readline/lib/libreadline.dylib \ -DBOOST_INCLUDEDIR=/usr/local/include \ -DBOOST_LIBRARYDIR=/usr/local/lib \ -DOPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl/include \ -DOPENSSL_SSL_LIBRARIES=/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/libssl.dylib \ -DOPENSSL_CRYPTO_LIBRARIES=/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/libcrypto.dylib \ -DZMQ_LIBRARY=/usr/local/opt/zeromq/lib/libzmq.dylib \ -DZMQ_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/local/opt/zeromq/include \ -DZLIB_ROOT=/usr/local/Cellar/zlib/1.2.8 \ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/Users/username/tc-server \ -DWITH_WARNINGS=1 6) Building the binaries Type the following to build the binaries: xcodebuild -target install -config Release I have tested this tutorial both for branch 3.3.5 and 6.x using a MacBook Pro Retina 15" running: - a fresh Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks) - a fresh Mac OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite) - Mac OS X 10.11.3 (El Capitan) and it worked fine, give me your feedback.
  17. Error should be located in World.cpp, I don't know what you have changed but if you want you can reset and update all your sources using: Note: you will lose all your custom changes git reset --hard git pull [/code] then try again. Or, if you don't want to lose your custom changes and want help with them, post here your modified files: http://www.trinityco.../9-custom-code/
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