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  1. okay cool thanks I will do that as soon as I compile another updated server, I try to compile a server every week if not sooner depending on the changes made. It gets crazy since I use all the servers, 3.3.5a, 4.3.4 and 7.2.5
  2. Can you send me your SQL query for the item for both tables I am going to edit the item myself and see where it is not allowing you to be clickable. As soon as you get me the SQL query I am going to write a script that will allow this to be clickable when you are on the quest only.
  3. Have you tried switching the data over to that field because I think I might know why it is not working for you could you take screen shots and send them to me because I would really like to figure out why this is not working for you. Be careful using navicat because it is not something trinitycore wants users using when it comes to statements and running queries because the way it handles that data sometimes and formats.
  4. Really it is kind of nice that legion moved over to db2 because now the ID's that were being used in item_template can now be used because the way and format data is handled now. item_sparse is just another new way to handle ID's in a different way instead of in MySQL database it is handled in client database instead so ID's can start at one and be handled differently.
  5. If I made something for Legion I wouldn't port anything over unless I had the same framework but I would make something new for an item creator and I don't know why you guys are having an issue with stats they work just fine for me I have tons of intellect and stamina on my items for testing. Are you guys sure you are using the right fields for item creating, maybe I should just make a simple application for item creating so there is no confusion.
  6. In the legion you add items now in the hotfixes database which is item, item_sparse same if it was in the world database but it is in the hotfixes database now.
  7. This isn't the Holiday Inn the last time I checked lol
  8. Yeah scripts are broken right now that is why you are getting compile error linking
  9. The application I use is custom made I make all my applications either using Xojo or Livecode depending on the project but most database or MySQL programs I make using Livecode because it supports MySQL and most databases really well. I am also working on a new application that controls all the database tables and allows you to add data to the database a lot easier like game objects, loot, quest, npcs, commands and so on. It is going to allow for easy editing of the database and allow for error proof to the most of its ability. I am also wanting to do something new with the search abilities to allow for copying other items so you can search for one field and use it as a template so you can create the next item, npc, command or so on.
  10. I am not sure what part he did not understand when you even said you compiled the server yourself not sure why it got canned when it is not even a repack but anyways so you are having problems connecting to a 3.3.5 server that is new normally it is 7.2.5 that people have problems connecting to lol. Do you have all the correct ports forward correctly and you are talking about 3.3.5 so I am clear on this right? Are you connecting to the server outside or inside where the server is?
  11. Well I can already see you have some issues here that would stop you from connecting at the login screen you are either not setting up your IP information correctly in your config file and/or your ports are all not being forwarded correctly depending on if you are trying to access the server outside or inside where the server is. You need to make sure your config file is setup correctly for one, which I bet is the problem because it is not setup correctly.
  12. That maybe but just cause the mission is bigger than normal doesn't mean we can just give in and stop trying, we have to push forward no matter the cost. There will be deaths though lol
  13. .debug quest, I do believe is the command I could be wrong on this, it has been a while since I have done any debugging.
  14. Can you get me a debug the quest for me when you pick it up and also where are you picking the quest up at because I noticed when switching over from mangos the titles don't always switch over, I also noticed that with the bank in Stormwind too.
  15. I went over everything you just said and even did the same steps as you did and I am able to click them just fine even the quest in Stormwind when you have to collect the apples around Stormwind work for me I am able to click on them as well. Maybe I am missing something you said, but I even tried adding my own quest with a custom item and I am able to collect the tablets as well for my quest. I did this after the one item you said wasn't working just to make sure I was able to enable the clickable item. I also make the quest with a script too so I could make it clickable only during a quest and no other time. I will go over it again so I can try to hopefully get the same issue you are seeing so I can try to figure out what is locking you up and to see if I can get the item not to work for me so far no luck.