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  1. To test battlegrounds you can do .debug bg or to just enter them.
  2. You use 7.2.0 database still and let the worldserver.exe update the files so you are updated to where you need to be.
  3. Which version of boost do you have installed 1.63.0? or another version and did you set the variable from the wiki?
  4. For one thing you are suppose to be using build inside your main server directory instead of outside it. so do build inside your server like the wiki says to do so you can build the files
  5. Yep, I clearly wasn't thinking yesterday when I said that lol
  6. Make a .bat file and run the extractor in the bat file then pause it so you can also see the message you are getting before it crashes so you know what it is doing for sure.
  7. Well if he is talking about 3.3.5a then mine is enGB but if you are talking about 7.2.5 I know there is no enGB anymore but for the other client I have enGB on mine or 4.3.4 but have you tried moving that to another directory because I had to before mine worked. Is that in the main directory? I know you said it worked on 7.2.0, mine works for both too.
  8. Is this for legion or a different one of the client you are using, also are you trying to run this on Linux or windows?
  9. Are you guys sure that you have enUS and not enGB or something else other than enUS in your wow directory.
  10. Oh good I am just glad he is able to connect now, it would of bothered me all day wondering why lol just glad it was something simple.
  11. Yeah your resources are running out that is why it is killing the process, I was okay on my windows machine but the linux I had to bump up my resources to get it to run the process for the server.
  12. If your other friends can connect to the world server and realm outside your network and is not locally connecting then the other friend cannot be using your external IP address or they would be able to connect too. And if they are connecting locally then you do not have your external IP address setup.
  13. Thank you so much that is what it was the gt folder everything works great now. You saved the day!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! not sure how the gt folder got screwed up but thank you.
  14. Well then tell me how they can be so fucked up if I redid everything from start, the only thing I didn't do was vmaps and mmaps but everything else is from the start and is fresh. The error sounds like it is coming from the dbc files but I did those fresh too so not sure if you say core from master is running great then there really is a problem somewhere not sure where. I am reinstalling the client too just to cover everything this time as well. I can ensure you I did everything properly this isn't my first time doing this. I agree though I cannot find anything code wise that this would be. I'm doing vmaps and mmaps now just to make sure everything is done from fresh build. I wonder is there a way to rebuild the gt folder in wow because it sounds like that is where the error is coming from since it is not from the dbc files, I am going to try and re-scan the client for changes or to force changes made to it.