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  1. This has nothing to do with cheating this is server limitations and need to be fixed for networking just like the lag you get if more then one person is on the server it is more than just bad ISP and altogether networking issues.
  2. Good glad to hear you can finally login.
  3. I understand 1119 and 8085 but where did you get 8086 and 8081 from, the config file I take it?
  4. For some reason which I do not understand it didn't work to well for me until I used the main IP address or the routers IP and when I used localhost it did not work for me at all.
  5. Try using your router IP instead of localhost as followed if that doesn't work try something for me and open ports 3724, 8085, & 1119 on your router then use your main IP address. If you don't know what it is either check your router or go to
  6. That is correct
  7. Before you set the IP address did you delete cache, logs & wtf folder to let the client rebuild the files by itself then exit the client again then set the IP address after that run world of warcraft. Take a screen shot & also give me the error number if you would thanks
  8. If you are talking about Blizzard's trial account it is all the same it is still the full version of world of warcraft client 7.2.0 it just means until you pay for it you only get a trial account the client is still the full version and is complete if that is what you mean.
  9. There is an update coming which is going to do a complete change on the structure of authserver dealing with authentication and the way the client communicates with the server and using a stronger socket for connection, which is also going to change the way latency is handled in a better way after the updates have been done.
  10. For now only the file but after the changes have been made to the correct files it will require the database to also change with an update to a sql file.
  11. Well see the port makes the authserver connection stronger but the code I have done makes the socket stronger so when the client and server communicates it looks for a stronger socket connection using the IP and port together which changes the structure altogether. Much better authentication for authserver, which I plan to release to TrinityCore once I am done so it can be committed
  12. I know one thing for sure to make a more secure connection when connecting you always want to use the IP address and the port number together or it has a chance of being picky and not always allowing connection so make sure it looks something like this when dealing with the file your IP and port followed closely together. Also when it comes to updating the server especially the auth database it doesn't always update the hash all the time so that is why when you reload the database it works and when you retry it doesn't. I have been working with a solution on this issue for a while now which is close to being done.
  13. As far as I know you have to do it all manual unless I have been doing this work for nothing but anything good you have to do a lot of work to get something great out of it. Just like what you want out of life you only get what you put into life what you get back. Though I do have an application I made that makes this process a lot smoother which takes each file and changes what is in the core over a smooth transition to the commit or request. I will send you the application.
  14. To merge specific commit you need to checkout the branch first as followed git checkout branch then use git cherry-pick hash. git checkout master & cherry-pick hash
  15. Are you dragging the client on the connection patcher because you cannot run connection patcher by it self and patch the client.