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Dbc, Maps, mmaps, Vmaps problems


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Map & DBC Extractor


opened casc storage 'E:/client\World of Warcraft\Data'

Locale none not installed.

Detected client build 20182 for locale enUS


Extracting dbc/db2 files...

Can't create the output file './dbc/enUS/Achievement.dbc'

//... this error repeats for several files

Unable to open file DBFilesClient\CreatureSpellData in the archive for locale enUS: FILE_NOT_FOUND

//... this error also repeats for several files

Extracted 0 files

Locale koKR not installed.

Locale unknown not installed.

Locale frFR not installed.

Locale deDE not installed.

Locale zhCN not installed.

Locale esES not installed.

Locale zhTW not installed.

Locale enGB not installed.

Locale enCN not installed.

Locale enTW not installed.

Locale esMX not installed.

Locale ruRU not installed.

Locale ptBR not installed.

Locale itIT not installed.

Locale ptPT not installed.

Using locale: enUS

Extracting maps...

Read Map.dbc file... Done! (548 maps loaded)

Read AreaTable.dbc file...Done! (4685 areas loaded)
Read LiquidType.dbc file...Done! (83 LiqTypes loaded)
Convert map files
Extract Azeroth (1/548)
Extract Kalimdor (2/548)

Extract test (3/548)
Extract ScottTest (4/548)
Extract PVPZone01 (5/548)
Extract Shadowfang (6/548)
Extract StormwindJail (7/548)
Extract StormwindPrison (8/548)
Extract DeadminesInstance (9/548)
Extract PVPZone02 (10/548)
Extract Collin (11/548)
Extract WailingCaverns (12/548)
Extract Monastery (13/548)
Extract RazorfenKraulInstance (14/548)
Extract Blackfathom (15/548)
Extract Uldaman (16/548)
Extract GnomeragonInstance (17/548)
Extract SunkenTemple (18/548)
Extract RazorfenDowns (19/548)
Extract EmeraldDream (20/548)
Extract MonasteryInstances (21/548)
Extract TanarisInstance (22/548)
Extract BlackRockSpire (23/548)
Extract BlackrockDepths (24/548)
Extract OnyxiaLairInstance (25/548)
Extract CavernsOfTime (26/548)
Extract SchoolofNecromancy (27/548)
Extract Zul'gurub (28/548)
Extract Stratholme (29/548)
Extract Mauradon (30/548)
Extract DeeprunTram (31/548)
Extract OrgrimmarInstance (32/548)
Extract MoltenCore (33/548)
Extract DireMaul (34/548)
Extract AlliancePVPBarracks (35/548)
Extract HordePVPBarracks (36/548)
Extract development (37/548)
Extract BlackwingLair (38/548)
Extract PVPZone03 (39/548)
Extract AhnQiraj (40/548)
Extract PVPZone04 (41/548)
Extract Expansion01 (42/548)
Extract AhnQirajTemple (43/548)
Extract Karazahn (44/548)
Extract Stratholme Raid (45/548)
Extract HyjalPast (46/548)
Extract HellfireMilitary (47/548)
Extract HellfireDemon (48/548)
Extract HellfireRampart (49/548)
Extract HellfireRaid (50/548)
Extract CoilfangPumping (51/548)
Extract CoilfangMarsh (52/548)
Extract CoilfangDraenei (53/548)
Extract CoilfangRaid (54/548)
Extract TempestKeepRaid (55/548)
Extract TempestKeepArcane (56/548)
Extract TempestKeepAtrium (57/548)
Extract TempestKeepFactory (58/548)
Extract AuchindounShadow (59/548)
Extract AuchindounDemon (60/548)
Extract AuchindounEthereal (61/548)
Extract AuchindounDraenei (62/548)
Extract PVPZone05 (63/548)
Extract HillsbradPast (64/548)
Extract bladesedgearena (65/548)
Extract BlackTemple (66/548)
Extract GruulsLair (67/548)
Extract NetherstormBG (68/548)
Extract ZulAman (69/548)
Extract Northrend (70/548)

Extract PVPLordaeron (71/548)
Extract ExteriorTest (72/548)
Extract Valgarde70 (73/548)
Extract UtgardePinnacle (74/548)
Extract Nexus70 (75/548)
Extract Nexus80 (76/548)
Extract SunwellPlateau (77/548)
Extract Transport176244 (78/548)
Extract Transport176231 (79/548)
Extract Sunwell5ManFix (80/548)
Extract Transport181645 (81/548)
Extract Transport177233 (82/548)
Extract Transport176310 (83/548)
Extract Transport175080 (84/548)
Extract Transport176495 (85/548)
Extract Transport164871 (86/548)
Extract Transport186238 (87/548)
Extract Transport20808 (88/548)
Extract Transport187038 (89/548)
Extract StratholmeCOT (90/548)
Extract Transport187263 (91/548)
Extract CraigTest (92/548)
Extract Sunwell5Man (93/548)
Extract Ulduar70 (94/548)
Extract DrakTheronKeep (95/548)
Extract Azjol_Uppercity (96/548)
Extract Ulduar80 (97/548)
Extract UlduarRaid (98/548)
Extract GunDrak (99/548)
Extract development_nonweighted (100/548)
Extract QA_DVD (101/548)
Extract NorthrendBG (102/548)
Extract DalaranPrison (103/548)
Extract DeathKnightStart (104/548)
Extract Transport_Tirisfal _Vengeance_Landing (105/548)
Extract Transport_Menethil_Valgarde (106/548)
Extract Transport_Orgrimmar_Warsong_Hold (107/548)
Extract Transport_Stormwind_Valiance_Keep (108/548)
Extract ChamberOfAspectsBlack (109/548)
Extract NexusRaid (110/548)
Extract DalaranArena (111/548)
Extract OrgrimmarArena (112/548)
Extract Azjol_LowerCity (113/548)
Extract Transport_Moa'ki_Unu'pe (114/548)
Extract Transport_Moa'ki_Kamagua (115/548)
Extract Transport192241 (116/548)
Extract Transport192242 (117/548)
Extract WintergraspRaid (118/548)
Extract unused (119/548)
Extract IsleofConquest (120/548)
Extract IcecrownCitadel (121/548)

Extract IcecrownCitadel5Man (122/548)
Extract AbyssalMaw (123/548)
Extract Gilneas (124/548)
Extract Transport_AllianceAirshipBG (125/548)
Extract Transport_HordeAirshipBG (126/548)
Extract AbyssalMaw_Interior (127/548)
Extract Uldum (128/548)
Extract BlackRockSpire_4_0 (129/548)
Extract Deephome (130/548)
Extract Transport_Orgrimmar_to_Thunderbluff (131/548)
Extract LostIsles (132/548)
Extract ArgentTournamentRaid (133/548)
Extract ArgentTournamentDungeon (134/548)
Extract ElevatorSpawnTest (135/548)
Extract Gilneas2 (136/548)
Extract GilneasPhase1 (137/548)
Extract GilneasPhase2 (138/548)
Extract SkywallDungeon (139/548)
Extract QuarryofTears (140/548)
Extract LostIslesPhase1 (141/548)
Extract Deephomeceiling (142/548)
Extract LostIslesPhase2 (143/548)
Extract Transport197195 (144/548)
Extract HallsOfReflection (145/548)
Extract BlackwingDescent (146/548)
Extract GrimBatolDungeon (147/548)
Extract GrimBatolRaid (148/548)
Extract Transport197347 (149/548)
Extract Transport197348 (150/548)
Extract Transport197349-2 (151/548)
Extract Transport197349 (152/548)
Extract Transport197350 (153/548)
Extract Transport201834 (154/548)
Extract MountHyjalPhase1 (155/548)
Extract Firelands1 (156/548)
Extract Firelands2 (157/548)
Extract Stormwind (158/548)
Extract ChamberofAspectsRed (159/548)
Extract DeepholmeDungeon (160/548)
Extract CataclysmCTF (161/548)
Extract STV_Mine_BG (162/548)
Extract TheBattleforGilneas (163/548)
Extract MaelstromZone (164/548)
Extract DesolaceBomb (165/548)
Extract TolBarad (166/548)
Extract AhnQirajTerrace (167/548)
Extract TwilightHighlandsDragonmawPhase (168/548)
Extract Transport200100 (169/548)
Extract Transport200101 (170/548)
Extract Transport200102 (171/548)
Extract Transport200103 (172/548)
Extract Transport203729 (173/548)
Extract Transport203730 (174/548)
Extract UldumPhaseOasis (175/548)
Extract Transport 203732 (176/548)
Extract Transport203858 (177/548)
Extract Transport203859 (178/548)
Extract Transport203860 (179/548)
Extract RedgridgeOrcBomb (180/548)
Extract RedridgeBridgePhaseOne (181/548)
Extract RedridgeBridgePhaseTwo (182/548)
Extract SkywallRaid (183/548)
Extract UldumDungeon (184/548)
Extract BaradinHold (185/548)
Extract UldumPhasedEntrance (186/548)
Extract TwilightHighlandsPhasedEntrance (187/548)
Extract Gilneas_BG_2 (188/548)
Extract Transport 203861 (189/548)
Extract Transport 203862 (190/548)
Extract UldumPhaseWreckedCamp (191/548)
Extract Transport203863 (192/548)
Extract Transport 2033864 (193/548)
Extract Transport 2033865 (194/548)
Extract Zul_Gurub5Man (195/548)
Extract NewRaceStartZone (196/548)
Extract FirelandsDailies (197/548)
Extract HawaiiMainLand (198/548)

Extract ScenarioAlcazIsland (199/548)
Extract COTDragonblight (200/548)
Extract COTWarOfTheAncients (201/548)
Extract TheHourOfTwilight (202/548)
Extract NexusLegendary (203/548)
Extract ShadowpanHideout (204/548)
Extract EastTemple (205/548)
Extract StormstoutBrewery (206/548)
Extract TheGreatWall (207/548)
Extract DeathwingBack (208/548)
Extract EyeoftheStorm2.0 (209/548)
Extract JadeForestAllianceHubPhase (210/548)
Extract JadeForestBattlefieldPhase (211/548)
Extract DarkmoonFaire (212/548)
Extract TurtleShipPhase01 (213/548)
Extract TurtleShipPhase02 (214/548)
Extract MaelstromDeathwingFight (215/548)
Extract TolVirArena (216/548)
Extract MoguDungeon (217/548)
Extract MoguInteriorRaid (218/548)
Extract MoguExteriorRaid (219/548)
Extract ValleyOfPower (220/548)
Extract BFTAllianceScenario (221/548)
Extract BFTHordeScenario (222/548)
Extract ScarletSanctuaryArmoryAndLibrary (223/548)
Extract ScarletMonasteryCathedralGY (224/548)
Extract BrewmasterScenario01 (225/548)
Extract NewScholomance (226/548)
Extract MogushanPalace (227/548)
Extract MantidRaid (228/548)
Extract MistsCTF3 (229/548)
Extract MantidDungeon (230/548)
Extract MonkAreaScenario (231/548)
Extract RuinsOfTheramore (232/548)
Extract PandaFishingVillageScenario (233/548)
Extract MoguRuinsScenario (234/548)
Extract AncientMoguCryptScenario (235/548)
Extract AncientMoguCyptDestroyedScenario (236/548)
Extract ProvingGroundsScenario (237/548)
Extract PetBattleJadeForest (238/548)
Extract ValleyOfPowerScenario (239/548)
Extract RingOfValorScenario (240/548)
Extract BrewmasterScenario03 (241/548)
Extract BlackOxTempleScenario (242/548)
Extract ScenarioKlaxxiIsland (243/548)
Extract ScenarioBrewmaster04 (244/548)
Extract LevelDesignLand-DevOnly (245/548)
Extract HordeBeachDailyArea (246/548)
Extract AllianceBeachDailyArea (247/548)
Extract MoguIslandDailyArea (248/548)
Extract StormwindGunshipPandariaStartArea (249/548)
Extract OrgrimmarGunshipPandariaStart (250/548)
Extract TheramoreScenarioPhase (251/548)
Extract JadeForestHordeStartingArea (252/548)
Extract HordeAmbushScenario (253/548)
Extract ThunderIslandRaid (254/548)
Extract NavalBattleScenario (255/548)
Extract DefenseOfTheAleHouseBG (256/548)
Extract HordeBaseBeachScenario (257/548)

Extract AllianceBaseBeachScenario (258/548)
Extract ALittlePatienceScenario (259/548)
Extract GoldRushBG (260/548)
Extract JainaDalaranScenario (261/548)
Extract WarlockArea (262/548)
Extract BlackTempleScenario (263/548)
Extract DarkmoonCarousel (264/548)
Extract Draenor (265/548)
Extract ThunderKingHordeHub (266/548)
Extract ThunderIslandAllianceHub (267/548)
Extract CitySiegeMoguIslandProgressionScenario (268/548)
Extract LightningForgeMoguIslandProgressionScenario (269/548)
Extract ShipyardMoguIslandProgressionScenario (270/548)
Extract AllianceHubMoguIslandProgressionScenario (271/548)
Extract HordeHubMoguIslandProgressionScenario (272/548)
Extract FinalGateMoguIslandProgressionScenario (273/548)
Extract MoguIslandEventsHordeBase (274/548)
Extract MoguIslandEventsAllianceBase (275/548)
Extract ShimmerRidgeScenario (276/548)
Extract DarkHordeScenario (277/548)
Extract Transport218599 (278/548)
Extract Transport218600 (279/548)
Extract ShadoPanArena (280/548)
Extract MoguIslandLootRoom (281/548)
Extract OrgrimmarRaid (282/548)
Extract HeartOfTheOldGodScenario (283/548)
Extract ProvingGrounds (284/548)
Extract FWHordeGarrisonLevel1 (285/548)
Extract FWHordeGarrisonLevel2 (286/548)
Extract FWHordeGarrisonLevel3 (287/548)
Extract Stormgarde Keep (288/548)
Extract HalfhillScenario (289/548)
Extract SMVAllianceGarrisonLevel1 (290/548)
Extract SMVAllianceGarrisonLevel2 (291/548)
Extract SMVAllianceGarrisonLevel3 (292/548)
Extract CelestialChallenge (293/548)
Extract SmallBattlegroundA (294/548)
Extract ThePurgeOfGrommarScenario (295/548)
Extract SmallBattlegroundB (296/548)
Extract SmallBattlegroundC (297/548)
Extract SmallBattlegroundD (298/548)
Extract Transport_Siege_of_Orgrimmar_Alliance (299/548)
Extract Transport_Siege_of_Orgrimmar_Horde (300/548)
Extract OgreCompound (301/548)
Extract MoonCultistHideout (302/548)
Extract WarcraftHeroes (303/548)
Extract PattyMackTestGarrisonBldgMap (304/548)
Extract DraenorAuchindoun (305/548)
Extract GORAllianceGarrisonLevel1 (306/548)
Extract GORAllianceGarrisonLevel2 (307/548)
Extract GORAllianceGarrisonLevel3 (308/548)
Extract BlastedLands (309/548)
Extract Ashran (310/548)
Extract Transport_Iron_Horde_Gorgrond_Train (311/548)
Extract WarWharfSmackdown (312/548)
Extract BonetownScenario (313/548)
Extract FrostfireFinaleScenario (314/548)
Extract BlackrockFoundryRaid (315/548)
Extract TaladorIronHordeFinaleScenario (316/548)
Extract BlackrockFoundryTrainDepot (317/548)
Extract ArakkoaDungeon (318/548)
Extract 6HU_GARRISON_Blacksmithing_hub (319/548)
Extract alliance_garrison_alchemy (320/548)
Extract alliance_garrison_enchanting (321/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_engineering (322/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_farmhouse (323/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_inscription (324/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_jewelcrafting (325/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_leatherworking (326/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_mine_1 (327/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_mine_2 (328/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_mine_3 (329/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_stable_1 (330/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_stable_2 (331/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_stable_3 (332/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_tailoring (333/548)
Extract HighmaulOgreRaid (334/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_inn_1 (335/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_barn (336/548)
Extract Transport227523 (337/548)
Extract GorHordeGarrisonLevel0 (338/548)
Extract GORHordeGarrisonLevel3 (339/548)
Extract TALAllianceGarrisonLevel0 (340/548)
Extract TALAllianceGarrisonLevel3 (341/548)
Extract TALHordeGarrisonLevel0 (342/548)
Extract TALHordeGarrisonLevel3 (343/548)
Extract SOAAllianceGarrison0 (344/548)
Extract SOAAllianceGarrison3 (345/548)
Extract SOAHordeGarrison0 (346/548)
Extract SOAHordeGarrison3 (347/548)
Extract NAGAllianceGarrisonLevel0 (348/548)
Extract NAGAllianceGarrisonLevel3 (349/548)
Extract NAGHordeGarrisonLevel0 (350/548)
Extract NAGHordeGarrisonLevel3 (351/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_armory1 (352/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_barracks1 (353/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_engineering1 (354/548)
Extract alliance_garrison_herb_garden1 (355/548)
Extract alliance_garrison_inn1 (356/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_lumbermill1 (357/548)
Extract alliance_garrison_magetower1 (358/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_pet_stable1 (359/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_salvageyard1 (360/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_storehouse1 (361/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_trading_post1 (362/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_tailoring1 (363/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_enchanting (364/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_blacksmith1 (365/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_plot_small (366/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_plot_medium (367/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_plot_large (368/548)
Extract Propland-DevOnly (369/548)
Extract TanaanJungleIntro (370/548)
Extract CircleofBloodScenario (371/548)
Extract TerongorsConfrontation (372/548)
Extract devland3 (373/548)
Extract nagrand_garrison_camp_stable_2 (374/548)
Extract DefenseOfKaraborScenario (375/548)
Extract garrison_horde_barracks1 (376/548)
Extract ShaperDungeon (377/548)
Extract TrollRaid2 (378/548)
Extract garrison_horde_alchemy1 (379/548)
Extract garrison_horde_armory1 (380/548)
Extract garrison_horde_barn1 (381/548)
Extract garrison_horde_blacksmith1 (382/548)
Extract garrison_horde_enchanting1 (383/548)
Extract garrison_horde_engineering1 (384/548)
Extract garrison_horde_inn1 (385/548)
Extract garrison_horde_inscription1 (386/548)
Extract garrison_horde_jewelcrafting1 (387/548)
Extract garrison_horde_leatherworking1 (388/548)
Extract garrison_horde_lumbermill1 (389/548)
Extract garrison_horde_magetower1 (390/548)
Extract garrison_horde_mine1 (391/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_petstabe (392/548)
Extract garrison_horde_salvageyard1 (393/548)
Extract garrison_horde_sparringarena1 (394/548)
Extract garrison_horde_stable1 (395/548)
Extract garrison_horde_storehouse1 (396/548)
Extract garrison_horde_tailoring1 (397/548)
Extract garrison_horde_tradingpost1 (398/548)
Extract garrison_horde_workshop1 (399/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_workshop1 (400/548)
Extract garrison_horde_farm1 (401/548)
Extract garrison_horde_plot_large (402/548)
Extract garrison_horde_plot_medium (403/548)
Extract garrison_horde_plot_small (404/548)
Extract TanaanJungleIntroForgePhase (405/548)
Extract garrison_horde_fishing1 (406/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_fishing1 (407/548)
Extract Expansion5QAModelMap (408/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonArenaHorde (409/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonArenaAlliance (410/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonLumberMillAlliance (411/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonLumberMillHorde (412/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonArmoryHorde (413/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonArmoryAlliance (414/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonMageTowerHorde (415/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonMageTowerAlliance (416/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonStablesHorde (417/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonStablesAlliance (418/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonWorkshopHorde (419/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonWorkshopAlliance (420/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonInnHorde (421/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonInnAlliance (422/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonTradingPostHorde (423/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonTradingPostAlliance (424/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonConstructionPlotHorde (425/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonConstructionPlotAlliance (426/548)
Extract GrommasharScenario (427/548)
Extract FWHordeGarrisonLeve2new (428/548)
Extract SMVAllianceGarrisonLevel2new (429/548)
Extract garrison_horde_barracks2 (430/548)
Extract garrison_horde_armory2 (431/548)
Extract garrison_horde_barn2 (432/548)
Extract garrison_horde_inn2 (433/548)
Extract garrison_horde_lumbermill2 (434/548)
Extract garrison_horde_magetower2 (435/548)
Extract garrison_horde_petstable2 (436/548)
Extract garrison_horde_stable2 (437/548)
Extract garrison_horde_tradingpost2 (438/548)
Extract garrison_horde_workshop2 (439/548)
Extract garrison_horde_barracks3 (440/548)
Extract garrison_horde_armory3 (441/548)
Extract garrison_horde_barn3 (442/548)
Extract garrison_horde_inn3 (443/548)

Extract garrison_horde_magetower3 (444/548)
Extract garrison_horde_petstable3 (445/548)
Extract garrison_horde_stable3 (446/548)
Extract garrison_horde_tradingpost3 (447/548)
Extract garrison_horde_workshop3 (448/548)
Extract Garrison_Alliance_Large_Construction (449/548)
Extract Garrison_Alliance_Medium_Construction (450/548)
Extract Garrison_Horde_Large_Construction (451/548)
Extract Garrison_Horde_Medium_Construction (452/548)
Extract UpperBlackRockSpire (453/548)
Extract garrisonAllianceMageTower2 (454/548)
Extract garrisonAllianceMageTower3 (455/548)
Extract garrison_horde_mine2 (456/548)
Extract garrison_horde_mine3 (457/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_workshop2 (458/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_workshop3 (459/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_lumbermill2 (460/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_lumbermill3 (461/548)
Extract Garrison_Horde_Small_Construction (462/548)
Extract Garrison_Alliance_Small_Construction (463/548)
Extract AuchindounQuest (464/548)
Extract alliance_garrison_alchemy_rank2 (465/548)
Extract alliance_garrison_alchemy_rank3 (466/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_blacksmith2 (467/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_enchanting2 (468/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_engineering2 (469/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_inscription2 (470/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_inscription3 (471/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_jewelcrafting2 (472/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_jewelcrafting3 (473/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_leatherworking2 (474/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_leatherworking3 (475/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_tailoring2 (476/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_storehouse2 (477/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_storehouse3 (478/548)
Extract garrison_horde_storehouse2 (479/548)
Extract garrison_horde_storehouse3 (480/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_salvageyard2 (481/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_salvageyard3 (482/548)
Extract garrison_horde_lumbermill3 (483/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_pet_stable2 (484/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_pet_stable3 (485/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_trading_post2 (486/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_trading_post3 (487/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_barn2 (488/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_barn3 (489/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_inn_2 (490/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_inn_3 (491/548)
Extract GorgrondFinaleScenario (492/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_barracks2 (493/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_barracks3 (494/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_armory2 (495/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_armory3 (496/548)
Extract GorgrondFinaleScenarioMap (497/548)
Extract garrison_horde_sparringarena2 (498/548)
Extract garrison_horde_sparringarena3 (499/548)
Extract garrison_horde_alchemy2 (500/548)
Extract garrison_horde_alchemy3 (501/548)
Extract garrison_horde_blacksmith2 (502/548)
Extract garrison_horde_blacksmith3 (503/548)
Extract garrison_horde_enchanting2 (504/548)
Extract garrison_horde_enchanting3 (505/548)
Extract garrison_horde_inscription2 (506/548)
Extract garrison_horde_inscription3 (507/548)
Extract garrison_horde_leatherworking2 (508/548)
Extract garrison_horde_leatherworking3 (509/548)
Extract garrison_horde_jewelcrafting2 (510/548)
Extract garrison_horde_jewelcrafting3 (511/548)
Extract garrison_horde_tailoring2 (512/548)
Extract garrison_horde_tailoring3 (513/548)
Extract garrison_horde_salvageyard2 (514/548)
Extract garrison_horde_salvageyard3 (515/548)
Extract PattyMackTestGarrisonBldgMap2 (516/548)
Extract garrison_horde_engineering2 (517/548)
Extract garrison_horde_engineering3 (518/548)
Extract SparringArenaLevel3Stadium (519/548)
Extract garrison_horde_fishing2 (520/548)
Extract garrison_horde_fishing3 (521/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_fishing2 (522/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_fishing3 (523/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_petstable1 (524/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_petstable2 (525/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_petstable3 (526/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_infirmary1 (527/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_infirmary2 (528/548)
Extract garrison_alliance_infirmary3 (529/548)
Extract outdoorGarrisonConstructionPlotAllianceLarge (530/548)

Extract outdoorGarrisonConstructionPlotHordeLarge (531/548)
Extract HellfireRaid62 (532/548)
Extract TanaanLegionTest (533/548)
Extract EdgeofRealityMount (534/548)
Extract Transport_The_Iron_Mountain (535/548)
Extract TanaanJungle (536/548)
Extract TanaanJungleNoHubsPhase (537/548)
Extract GarrisonAllianceShipyard (538/548)
Extract GarrisonHordeShipyard (539/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardAllianceSubmarine (540/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardAllianceDestroyer (541/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardTransport (542/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardDreadnaught (543/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardCarrier (544/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardHordeSubmarine (545/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardHordeDestroyer (546/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardCarrierAlliance (547/548)
Extract GarrisonShipyardGalleonHorde (548/548)

E:\client\World of Warcraft>



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E:\Trinity\src\server\game\DataStores\DBCStores.cpp:332 in LoadGameTable ASSERTION FAILED: found Game table BarberShopCostBase definition not found in GameTables.dbc

is an error i had before commit dea6c0b122c8f4b97cb7b3833b41d9bef5c0d911

Now afaik, it's fixed. Maybe you should try to update core/tools to last commit and re-extract dbc with updated tools

Edited by Elckerlijc
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Thanks Nay and Elckerlijc... The recent commit fixed the server... now I am trying to fully understand patching the client. I have attempted to drag the WoW-64.exe over the patch that I downloaded but I do not get the WoW-64_patched.exe. Not sure if my head is on straight due to the late night from updating the server or if my job is the reason.. either way, could someone please verify that I have the correct files and method for patching, please?

File source: inside my Trinity Clone/src/tools/connection_patcher

Methods used/attempted:

1. Attempted to drag the WoW-64.exe file over the Patcher.cpp file; nothing happened.

2. Attempted to drag the WoW-64.exe file over the Patcher.hpp file; nothing happened.

3. Attempted to drag the WoW-64.exe file over the Helper.cpp file; nothing happened.

4. Attempted to drag the WoW-64.exe file over the Helper.hpp file; nothing happened.

5. Attempted to drag the WoW-64.exe file over the Program.cpp file; nothing happened.

6. Attempted to drag the WoW-64.exe file over the Program.hpp file; nothing happened.

7. Attempted to drag each of the .cpp and .hpp files over the WoW-64.exe and the client opened but would not patch or connect.

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Ahmmm... you really should get some sleep.

You need to drag WoW-64.exe to connection_patcher.exe (or call "connection_patcher.exe WoW-64.exe" in the console).

You can get connection_patcher.exe by compiling the core with tools enabled.

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Well, I started from scratch and was able to get the worldserver working and was able to connect with my client. Of course, a new issue popped up... I am unable to interact in-game. I'm not at my server right now but I saw several errors... are there any other known issues with the core or the .sql updates? It seemed like some content was missing in the database.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

TrinityCore rev. 87a8267f2ec2 2015-08-05 18:27:25 +0200 (6.x branch) (Win64, Release) (worldserver-daemon)
<Ctrl-C> to stop.

 ______                       __
/\__  _\       __          __/\ \__
\/_/\ \/ _ __ /\_\    ___ /\_\ \, _\  __  __
   \ \ \/\`'__\/\ \ /' _ `\/\ \ \ \/ /\ \/\ \
    \ \ \ \ \/ \ \ \/\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \
     \ \_\ \_\  \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \__\\/`____ \
      \/_/\/_/   \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__/ `/___/> \
                                 C O R E  /\___/
http://TrinityCore.org                    \/__/

Using configuration file worldserver.conf.
Using SSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015 (library: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015)
Using Boost version: 1.58.0
Automatic database updates are disabled for all databases!
Realm running as realm ID 1 region 2 battlegroup 1
Using World DB: TDB 6.02
Using enUS DBC Locale
Will clear `logs` table of entries older than 1209600 seconds every 10 minutes.
Using DataDir ./
WORLD: MMap data directory is: ./mmaps
VMap support included. LineOfSight: 1, getHeight: 1, indoorCheck: 1
VMap data directory is: ./vmaps
Loading Trinity strings...
>> Loaded 1031 trinity strings in 3 ms
Initialize data stores...
Incorrect DataDir value in worldserver.conf or ALL required *.dbc files (85) not found by path: ./dbc


I have just done a fresh, trinity compile of the 6.x branch and well, went I went to start it after hours mmaps downloading. I got the error shown above. Is there a way to fix this?

Edited by AllowTheKarnage
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Try checking inside the Dbc folder there should be another folder (enUs, enGb) with the DBC files inside, copy or move those to the /dbc folder.

​This is not longer needed since https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/c8950c55ef46470dd411fd9c6d77fa6382d9e48f (3 days ago)

​Nice, i didn't notice that good job.

Edited by bloodfangx
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  • 1 month later...

Hello i am running windows 8.1 x64 Bit Core 3.3.5a


downloaded everything after a few hours cleaned up all the bugs and got it compiled fine. however when i move on to the next step to create the bat files for the vmaps, mmaps and maps.  vmap4extractor.exe & the assembler do not run correctly. (they run fine but what i mean is only the buildings folder is created but not a vmap folder) and that is required to run the assembler ? could someone assist me with this issue please.

Edited by krazor94
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define run the client, as in log into a game ? and i installed the client with my disk's and manually patched to 3.3.5a, also seem to be having major complications with the Database for some reason. when i followed the link it was broken to the download section but when you add .7z at the end of the file yo u can extract it and get a folder and the DB file, but it freezes up when i load it into the World and all the tables for other databases are empty?

Edited by krazor94
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Not sure how you're running vmap4assembler, but with linux I have to create the vmaps folder first, so make a new folder called vmaps then run

vmap4assembler Buildings vmaps 

from command prompt within your wow directory; as far as the db; make sure you're not using navicat (which it sounds like you are) switch to HeidiSQL or go straight from the mysql command prompt (most successful) 

mysql -utrinitycore -ptrinitycore world < TDB_full_longstringblahblah.sql

And once again I'm a unix guy so I'm not sure how you would run this in windows, but maybe someone can convert it to batch speak for ya;

within your updates/world folder 

cat * .sql | mysql -utrinitycore -ptrinitycore world


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Navicat has a lot of issues in itself. It's slow. Slow and overall going to cause you a headache. I'd avoid it at all costs. On a side note. For your updates. Open a command prompt and change to your TrinityCore/sql/updates/world and try 

type *.sql < mysql -utrinitycore -ptrinitycore world

I can't guarantee that will work, but I think it's the equivalent to cat in Windows 

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ok thanks ill look into swapping over. However I'm still getting the vmaps issue. I have heard of a simple extractor floating around in some repacks that fix the issue. However the repacks I have tested the map extractor works perfectly but all the ones I compile only generate a maps folder dbd folder and buildings folder. I have tried creating a vmaps folder as sugested here already but it does nothing. And I rum the extractors through cmd.

Windows 8.1 x64 bit



Also I am not aure if thia is. Rought up or I'm looking in the wrong spot. Ut I origionally tried to get bc up and running only arc emu repack worked for that and no soirce ill attempt it again at a later date but ill tackle worlk atm as its the only xpac I have gotten the furthest with in actually compiling it.

But the database I can't seem to find one for 3.3.5 or 2.4.3 are they hoated elsewhere, because I remember looking at the mangos community and downloaded the source for mangostwo and three bc and wotll. Ut had similar issues. but there was no up to date wiki to set anything up.


I appreciate the efforts you guys put into these projects. Not alot of people appreciate. It and all theu see is.  Bugs.  but alot goes into a project like this, as well as keeping socumentation up to date. Would just like to say thank you.

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ok i just ran DoxramosPS first command and the Vmaps seem to be creating... ill re run everythign as this seems to be the only issue im now getting and the servers are running perfectly fine apart from the world server giving me the maps and maps issue. ill report back, perhaps this should be put in the wiki because it mentions nothing about running the command this way in terms of running the assembler and what not. 


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Not sure how you're running vmap4assembler, but with linux I have to create the vmaps folder first, so make a new folder called vmaps then run

vmap4assembler Buildings vmaps 

from command prompt within your wow directory; as far as the db; make sure you're not using navicat (which it sounds like you are) switch to HeidiSQL or go straight from the mysql command prompt (most successful) 

mysql -utrinitycore -ptrinitycore world < TDB_full_longstringblahblah.sql

And once again I'm a unix guy so I'm not sure how you would run this in windows, but maybe someone can convert it to batch speak for ya;

within your updates/world folder 

cat * .sql | mysql -utrinitycore -ptrinitycore world


​this here seemed to work i had tested the first command and it works nicely however i still need to test the rest of it, so redoing all the folders from scrap and will see how it goes.

and quick question how do you find linux because i was thinking of converting my desktop to linux to run the server on as its much faster than windows.

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alrighty the Vmaps worked perfectly but im now getting the DB error where it is not up to date, which is where i am unable to follow the next command 

mysql -utrinitycore -ptrinitycore world < TDB_full_world_335.59_2015_07_14.sql

i ran it through CMD where i was in my WoW Folder as you stated with CMD could you please specify how i would update the DB, this doesnt seem to work.

i had also tried running it directly from MySQL Command prompt was unable to navigate to my WoW directory with that.



Edited by krazor94
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