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  1. Make sure you are using the arctium launcher to start the game
  2. Quests cannot do that. It is world.gossip_menu_option BoxCoded column (and you have to write a script that implements this function https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/3.3.5/src/server/game/AI/CreatureAI.h#L207)
  3. You mean the tag? You clearly did not build the extractor from that tag. WDC3 was introduced much later
  4. You cannot use current version extractors with older client version. You must use the version that existed when your desired client version was current
  5. To get older versions, you need to checkout one of the tags in repository (we have one, "7.3.5/26972") but I will make no guarantees that you will be able to compile it without issues
  6. After you build vmaps by running vmap4assembler, you can delete Buildings directory, everything else is required
  7. In that file you only need to allow '1SLC' (or was it 'CLS1'?) where it currently checks for 'WDC3' But the structures I was talking about was this file https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/f759809d9d4364bc1d988e4390d3d5a33d5469e9/src/tools/extractor_common/ExtractorDB2LoadInfo.h
  8. master branch extractor will get you closer but it will not work without any modifications to the code (you will need to update db2 reader to support classic format)
  9. This is because mysql stores table and column names as lowercase on windows (accountid, securitylevel) but on linux they are case sensitive (AccountID, SecurityLevel) Make sure that your exported windows database file has correct names in them (use mysqldump, not any other 3rd party export tool)
  10. You cannot select it manually, it will happen automatically, depending on dungeon/raid difficulty (only works inside instances)
  11. shared auth db - yes shared authserver - no
  12. This spell is intended to do 200% of targets health in damage, what you need to do is use conditions table to prevent it from being used on anything other than its intended quest target
  13. But that builld DOES have a git tag... https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/tree/8.3.7/35662
  14. Generally only major patches get tagged with git tags (on their last commit, before update to the next one), minor hotfix builds do not - your best bet is to look at commit history
  15. Use TDB, not whatever empty db you have there
  16. There is no opcode dumper in https://github.com/Shauren/wow-tools
  17. Unfortunately, it's not. It uses socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0); to create its world connection sockets, v4 only
  18. At this point I will say this: post full changes and the crash log to get any more help with this
  19. Yep, that looks correct Oh, how did you create the prepared statement? Did you write it by hand? If yes, then you should use https://github.com/Shauren/WowClientDB2MySQLTableGenerator instead to generate fully correct queries
  20. I said it doesnt use setBool, not prepared statement...
  21. If you are using Visual Studio then recent versions have some sort of bug not properly clearing/recompiling changed files, try fully deleting your build dir and start fresh from cmake None of DB2 code uses PreparedStatementBase::setBool which is why i think you are running into that bug
  22. You cannot have custom race/class combinations with just db edits, potential skill list is taken from playercreateinfo_skill and then filtered with SkillRaceClassInfo.dbc and SkillLineAbility.dbc And editing dbc files isnt something we support
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