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  1. Standard retail client with arctium launcher
  2. bnetserver, just like authserver in the past, doesn't accept console input.
  3. visual studio 2019 did not exist back when 7.3.5 was current, its not compatible
  4. You are supposed to use libmysql.dll from the installation of mysql that cmake found and used to compile I'm using mysql 8 and openssl 1.1.0 just fine
  5. item, item_sparse, item_modified_appearance and hotfix_data tables in hotfix database
  6. No, you cannot. Master branch is on latest 8.3.0 version
  7. Just download the client from battle.net app, even a trial (or "starter" as they call it now) is enough
  8. This table exists only to send sniffed hotfixes for db2 files that are not loaded by TC. You should never try to manually insert data into it. If you really must know - blob is simply the entire db2 row written as binary
  9. No, I don't really care about mac clients, the current build being allowed for mac clients on TC is actually an exception, not a norm, it is the first one since 7.3.5
  10. If you don't have a launcher then no, you need to use windows client
  11. It sounds like you connect both worldservers into the same character database, you need to separate them and share only auth (and world if you dont want to customize anything for only one realm)
  12. You need to use folder name (case sensitive) and version from .toc, timestamp is for cache, just set it to current time
  13. Install MySQL 5.7, thats all you must do
  14. You don't need the client at all after extraction (but you will need it again if there are fixes/changes done to extractors, to extract again), you can also delete Buildings
  15. Ignore startup errors Allied races are not implemented
  16. Repacks are not supported. Currently supported version is and you need to download new version of arctium launcher
  17. You should either use SOAP from your website to connect to running worldserver and send .accont set password comand (preferred) or just clear s and v fields from auth.account (this method might go away in undetermined future)
  18. This isnt a supported scenario, bnetserver has three separate build ranges that are incompatible with each other due to changes in client 6.0 to 6.2.3 6.2.4 to 7.2.5 7.3 to now
  19. You can be waiting for a long time since 7.3.5 is after all unsupported version
  20. There is nothing wrong with extractors, they were left in working state Your game install must be broken (for example, missing .build.info file?)
  21. port 1119 is not the only one you need open, there is also 8081
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