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  1. Incompatible? realmlist.gamebuild controls that.
  2. FFS when will you people learn that copying the patched exe from another machine alone IS NOT ENOUGH? You need another file in wow installation folder - tc_bundle.txt
  3. Indeed you are missing something bnetserver gained these new config settings LoginREST.Port LoginREST.ExternalAddress LoginREST.LocalAddress Needless to say, you need to configure and open this port. Fill ExternalAddress with your external IP and LocalAddress with your LAN IP
  4. https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/3.3.5/src/server/worldserver/worldserver.conf.dist#L558 controls allowed character sets in names, check that
  5. --- Canned message start --- It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread. --- Canned message end ---
  6. This is the last commit working with https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/363731aac827f3eab051064ba466cef49f6cc111 Anything beyond that is a working-in-progress on 6.2.4 and is not usable
  7. FYI the client does not have a command line param called "noautoupdate", you putting it there does nothing
  8. Run the exe with the following parameters Wow_Patched.exe -uid plsnopatch -noautolaunch64bit The -uid followed by a random string is the key
  9. My point was to simply look at what our code does instead of just taking it (in case you use a different language) - the 5 lines i linked were that "magic" block that you needed its size to get to data part
  10. Why didn't you just do it the way TC does? https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/6.x/src/server/shared/DataStores/DB2StorageLoader.cpp#L161
  11. There is no such thing as localization data inside db2 files - they only have strings in one locale (multilocale installations simply have multiple files) The same applies to 6.x dbc files Legacy 3.3.5 handled it differently - each string field was actually an array of 16 strings with space for locale
  12. This sniffer is closed source, don't ask for new sniffer versions making new threads or on irc, new versions will be released when I have time. The sniffs are only available for TC developers and official contributors because they contain private data. Sniffer only works with LIVE realms and the build number stated on title/key file. How to use it: Put it on your wow directory. Start wow.exe. Start attach_sniffer. login. OR Start Wow-64.exe Use attach_sniffer_64 login. If you want to force WoW to start in 32-bit only mode use Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit Upload your sniff compresed with zip, rar, 7z or some linux format to some non-anoying file hosting (for example zippyshare, mega, anything without captchas or wait times). Post your sniff at http://www.trinitycore.org/f/forum/13-wdbadbsniffs/ only devs will see your sniff there. Note: When updating sniffer you need to overwrite all old files. Edit by ShinDarth: In order to run the sniffer under GNU/Linux or Mac OS X you have to use the Windows client (Wow.exe) and open it using wine (get the latest version). Note: if you have the Mac OS X client already, you can just download the *.exe and *.dll files of the Windows client and add them to your Mac client folder. Instructions: - open a terminal window and run: wine Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit Script for wine (save in the same directory as wstc) #!/bin/bash WSTC_COMMAND=$(grep -E -o 'WSTC.exe .*\.wstc' ./attach_sniffer.cmd) set -x wine $WSTC_COMMAND WSTC_7.2.5.24742_Release.zip WSTC-64_7.2.5.24742_Release.zip
  13. --- Canned message start --- It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread. --- Canned message end ---
  14. First. your structure of CriteriaTree has fields in wrong order - m_ID, m_criteriaID, m_amount, m_operator, m_parent, m_flags, m_description_lang, m_orderIndex This is how you get to Criteria.db2 id Take the id of CriteriaTree (16658) and find all CriteriaTree where m_parent = 16658, this gets us CriteriaTree 16659 with m_criteriaID = 12909 (repeat this until you run out of criteria trees) 12909 is your id.
  15. The data that was before in Achievement_Criteria.dbc was moved to Criteria.db2 (and similar criterias were merged), CriteriaTree.db2 now has the data that was different for each criteria The id for achievement_criteria_data is now taken from Criteria.db2
  16. @MHard we do not support using the connector library, only the lib shipped with MySQL server installation. Additionally LIBMYSQL_VERSION_ID define is not present in older versions of MySQL (5.5) so it cannot be used.
  17. No, you should not need to connect to retail anymore, the patcher now downloads required modules if they are missing.
  18. Its not that noone wants to be "that guy" always. Working on this project is something I do for fun in my free time - I choose to work on things I find interesting and in most cases this does not align with what others find interesting or even important.
  19. This just works. You run both authserver and bnetserver on the same machine/using the same database - 3.3.5 clients will connect to authserver and see all realms you defined in realmlist table (for all clients) and 6.2.2 clients connecting through bnetserver will see the same realmlist (obviously realms for a different client version will be displayed in red as incompatible) They both run on different ports by default so there will be no conflict fun fact: if you modify a 3.3.5 client to connect to any bnet 'portal' and try logging in with an email username bnetserver will pick it up and immediately return an error telling you to use old login method (this may not work anymore as noone is capable of doing it AND at the same time stupid enough to try it)
  20. There never was any 5.4.8 version of TrinityCore.
  21. is the supported version (including dbcs) Thread updated.
  22. You could apply 4.3.4/6.x character db queries if you dig them out of sql/old to get an up-to-date structure without huge losses (but I do not recomment blindly taking them all as there might be a bunch of terribly thought out queries that drop data we actually still need (drop column/reintroduce later)) At this point it would probably be better to run some database structure diff tool and start from there - as for data that no longer makes sense (deleted spells/skills/whatever else) it was never done
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