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After compiling the latest master version and downloading the latest client code, attempts to generate maps, dbc, vmaps, etc are unsuccessful due to conflicts between client version 7.3.0 vs Trinity master at 7.2.5.  Is there a ballpark date on when the server will be updated to 7.3.0?  Thank you.

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Good evening to everyone,
Leave the reference to the client
And then the Russian segment does not find the client the right version.
Of course it would be desirable to the client ruRU

sorry for my English

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6 minutes ago, HannibalRoG said:

@ewk Client can download from blizzard for free, i think, or take another version, for example WoD and open World of warcraft launcher.exe, it upgrade your client to latest version.

well, so the blizzard launcher will update my client to version 7.3.0
And accordingly I can not go to the test server that compiled from the source code TrinityCore
That's why I'm asking for a version of the client that is suitable for testing.
and this is as written on gitHub master =

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@ewk the opcodes change usually when the first or second number in version change, if only change the thirth or build opcodes usually are intact.

Tray as you said, you'll know right away if it works or not.

In your case you have 7.2.5 24330 the last version in 7.2.5 is build 24742, that only change build, opcodes will be exactly, just try, you dont lose anything.

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It seems that the obfuscation that Blizzard was rumoured to bring in to prevent addons accessing unauthorized APIs have scrambled or perhaps encrypted the opcodes.

Or maybe something else.

However, if this is a major roadblock, then it should be opened up to the community and then perhaps a group effort might shed some light upon this.

Worst case is that it is stuck at 7.2.5 forever, I had to go back to backups to get my client as Battlenet updated it to 7.3.0 a while back.

It would be nice to have an update other than soon if possible.


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@HannibalRoG I've already tried your suggestion but still unsuccessful.

Do we have an estimated release date for 7.3.0 support on Trinity? It would be really nice to know. 

However, is anyone of you guys having a torrent for a clean client. It would be a blessing.

Thank you for your involvement in this "kick-ass" project, which evolved so hard since first vanilla core on 1.12.1 (if i remember correctly). 

Best regards.

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