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TrinityCore or Ashamane?


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Hello TrinityCore community! 
I do know that TrinityCore is provided with an anticheat program but how good is the anticheat system? Once I had a repack, it was an old one from TrinityCore, but still I was able 2 hack myself without my anticheat-program detected anything.
Also I would like 2 thank @CDawg and @HannibalRoG for their patience when they helped me in my last topic. I can now say that my server is up and running and I was able 2 have 10 people online without any laggs at all! 

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For most exploits, that you are likely to encounter, people have some knowledge of and they are likely created as issues for them. So back in the day when you had a repack, you could have made an issue for that specific version and then made an issue/defect to that effect.



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@Ibeatdungeon first of all thanks for the quick reply, +rep for that. I love when people are dedicated 2 help each other. 

Well, exploits is basically "buggs" in the system. I don't know if I am wrong but I find difference between exploits and hacks. I once read a topic about Trinitycore were implemented with an anti-cheat program. So when people wanted 2 download hack program 2 cheat on private server, so they could increase their movement speed or fly or wall climb they could freely do that. But is there anyhow I can prevent that 2 happen. I mean stop people 2 increase their movement speed on my server?


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The main question here is are you talking about 3.3.5 branch or about the 7.x branch?

As far as i know TrinityCore has done a realy good work on "Warden Anticheat" for the 3.3.5 Branch, but i dont know, or even not expect, this working on 7.x.

This Anticheat is far from being complete but its the way Blizz do cheat dedection.

Some other anticheat systems are validating movement and many more stuff on server (speed / fly hack / ecc.) but this was never integrated in the repository.

There are patchs around in the custom section.

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@desteny thanks for ur post! 

Well I am running 3.3.5a. For like 1 month ago I was only running a repack from Jeutie, and a friend of mine was able 2 put on his cheats, so he could increase his movement speed like a GM. And the anti-cheat build in Jeutie's repack could not detect anything. So I am just wondering now when I am running an fully updated self-compiled server that the anti-cheat program has improved since then?

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Nobody is going to comment on a repack, they will insist that you compile the source/ branch and create issues from that.

Like stated above, if you want to drill down into anti-cheat, there are patches to deal with this and you can tune from there. Plus its a good thing to get your head around (patching) if you want the features that some repacks bundle.

It's really a question of are the people on the server really people that are going to do that? And then you are quickly into the not supported/commentable if you are running a commercial enterprise of sorts.

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Thanks guys! 
I have also seen a few hackers, but I do belive it's very difficult 2 hack Warmane compared to other private servers like TrinityCore. Also I would like 2 know if there's anyhow I can detect hackers in logs or something. Maybe the database could detect if something spectacular is going on? Also my self-compiled server is for my friends, so I don't belive any of em would hack the server for their own beneficial. Now when I got you here. You guys might know almost everything about the database. So let's say me and my friends would like 2 start of with Naxxramas. Is there anyhow I can chanfe Emblem of Frost (49426) to Emblem of Heroism (40752) in Random Dungeon Finder since this is only Naxxramas and not Icecrown Citadel? 

I don't know if I should make another topic for my last question. But I feel like keeping my questions in one topic would save this website a lot of spam from me! :)


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* hacks / exploits: check out the patches, truly your going to need to do that anyways (or google the topic, plenty of people are discussing or have discussed limiting people from movement hacks and dealing with false positives.

* Well, think about it a moment ... what quest id is that (first of the day?) ...  perhaps it's id 24788 and if you look that quest rewards item id 49426 (select * from quest_template where id = '24788')

* On changing the quests and the DungeonFinding quests, you are going to have to look a bit further. The quests, instances and the manager are very related.


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@Ibeatdungeon u're are amazing! That was just what I needed. I love how u explain everything in details +rep for that! I love how I acutally learn more about WoW by getting 2 know the database better. I didnt knew Random Dungen Finder is a quest reward! That's amazing, ha.... 
I would love to see your server @Ibeatdungeon, I think u got some cool mechanics and stuff ^^
Once again +rep


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You have github right there to compare yourself, though because it's a fork its hard to see the actual contribution since it "looks" like TC is contributing to it.

Looking at the issues they have open (which in its entirety is probably a days worth of TC's engagement), they aren't much further on that any other project that forked TC.

Looking at the database a bit, I would guess they are using TCDB + a spawn database (such as from the "legion core" repacks would have for you as well) and applied it to a compile of TC master. So yes stuff is "there", but it's not like the classes work any better than TC master I would guess. I guess it's better than repack (gets you a compile, gets you choice of operating systems, gets you the spawns people want easily). But they could have actually worked it out themselves as well.

I think people really hype the npc spawns when they depict their progress/work (I am not sure what to call it), getting the models in the right places is what they have done. Phases, reactions, behaviors, etc ... not so much.  I have not actually looked at what they have done intensely, it seems the npcids ranges from the repacks.

Still no warlock shard system it seems :(

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I do not think it's better or worse, but faster, when a trinity arrangement takes 3 months to implement in ashamane is almost instantaneous. It is a young but open source project like Trinity.
Look at it as an alternative, not everything is Blizzlike but if we wait for Blizzlike content we will never have a moderately interesting server to levelup a character and do some pvp.
Is not that what everyone wants?
We will continue to support Trinity in everything we can and want to implement what is already done in Ashamane, but they will follow in their wake and Ashamane to theirs.

Stop guessing, start reading


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Trinity want a really clean & blizzlike code (which is a good thing), there is two consequences of this requirement :

- Trinity Code is cleaner everyday and have more and more 100% blizzlike methods
- It take a long time to implement any new functionality because it often require a lot of modifications to be blizzlike & clean enough for TC

Ashamane, on the other hand, prefer content over blizzlikeness, there is two consequences :

- Ashamane is dirtier than TC code, and some developper may be horrified by some pretty bad code part (Hello @Riztazz :D)
- There is more content on Ashamane (just read the readme) and pull request are often accepted or refused in a matter of days, not weeks or months. (That's what HannibalRoG was speaking about when he said "arrangement")

Does that mean any approach is better than the other ? No. It depend of what you want, and it's up to you to make your choice.

HannibalRoG already showed you the difference between TC and Ashamane when it come to spells (btw Soul Shards are functional @Ibeatdungeon, just check spell_warlock), he also could have talk about world quests, class hall, personal spawns, ...

About the Database, i don't remember where we got Cataclysm spawn, but me and my gigs of sniffs can assure you all spawns since MoP were done by us and us only. Of course over time we took data from other sources, but that's a small part. Again, the database has a lot more errors than TDB due to quickness of sniffs adding and will require a lot if cleaning.

This being said, i repeat that there is no need to confront both projects, Ashamane IS trinity, just with more patches, and as stated before, we will continue to fully support TC with pull requests when we estimate our code respect TC standards, like i already did with AreaTriggers, Scenes, Conversations, Creature Scaling System, QuestScript, PlayerChoice, ...

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