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worldserver continue take cpu 100% on ubuntu16.04


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hi there

i've met a strange problem on linux running TC worldserver.

everything is ok when i direct type ./worldserver and don't close ssh window. the worldserver session only take 1% less cpu use.

but when i try to use nohup or setsid to put worldserver backgroud.

this world server instantly taking 100% cpu percent .no matter how long i wait,%cpu will not come down.

i even try to use systemctl's service to made server run background,and i found server and systemctl still got 100% cpu use.

i'm asking for help about how to run server background on ubuntu16.04,and not with 100%cpu use.



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Your average is 0.94. That's not bad at all. However, your memory is low and your swap is high. So your CPU is working hard to not flood your memory and write to disk with saved data that *should* be i/o from memory only.

Try adding more ram to your system. Also, I upgraded to 17.10. It's faster and it's a minimum recommended version.

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thanks my friends,

but when i dont use "nohup ./worldserver &",   just use  "./worldserver" to start it.

the cpu cost is only 1% or little higher  like my attached pic.  

how do you guys running TC server on linux?

i tried to run  "./worldserver"  . when it's start complete i directly shut the telnet window. 

but if i done this the server session "worldserver" is killed by system.


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17 hours ago, Shauren said:

There is a config for this - set Console.Enable to 0 for background processes

ohh could you please tell me where is this setting?

is it here?

i find something like this in .\TrinityCore\src\server\worldserver\Main.cpp line 304 to 310.

// Launch CliRunnable thread
    std::shared_ptr<std::thread> cliThread;
#ifdef _WIN32
    if (sConfigMgr->GetBoolDefault("Console.Enable", false) && (m_ServiceStatus == -1)/* need disable console in service mode*/)
    if (sConfigMgr->GetBoolDefault("Console.Enable", false))


i change  two 'true'  to 'false' and recomplied. problem still exist :(

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19 hours ago, Aokromes said:

you have a CONFIG on worldserver / authserver /bnetserver .conf you don't have to edit no c++ file. and again 2 gb of ram are TO LOW to run tc.

thank you very much my friend! when i turn down the console switch , it's all gone,nothing bothers me now!!

thank you all upstairs bro! i love you!!!


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