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@+Username feature.


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Would it be possible to install some form of plug-in that would work like Facebook's "@" system?

Explanation, you type "@" and then the name of another user so they get a notification that they are being mentioned in a thread they might not be aware of.

Thank you for your time.


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Interesting idea so long as the plugin is smart enough to not send notifications if the referenced person is already participating in the thread. That would cause double notifications, one for the "Follow this topic" and one for the "@".

Also these notifications should be an on / off option as well as an e-mail / forum notification option in the user's profile. Most of the time I don't care if people are talking about me :)

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Sorry "rkm", but I've found many topics in which devs or users names are brought up without the corresponding person being notified. There is no need for irony.

MrSmite, thank you for positive attitude, It's nice to see you can still get constructive criticism around here and not just random rambling.

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xenforo is the only forum software that i know that has this plugin so far, will look into it for IPB. if any of oyu see such a plugin feel free to link it.

Edit* for those wondering : here's the one I'm using for my xenforo install : http://xenforo.com/c.../bd-tag-me.386/

Edit2* heres the only discussion i found of it and as you can see some retard started ranting and nothing came of it : http://community.inv...tagging-people/

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[s]wont send notifications.. I've actually be playing around with the idea here and there... so far I have the custom bbcode made with the @Username part down.. its just the notification part is proving to be a little harder that I had expected. I'll post it here though if i do come up with anything[/s] :)

edit: :o I didn't notice the mention button haha thats cool +Discover +KingPin

edit #2: not working for me :( just pastes +username

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