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  1. If your router is port forwarding correctly to your server, you shouldn't need a host file entry anywhere. Just set the realmlist.wtf to be winterwolf.ddns.net on all PC's that want to connect. Make sure the Database Realmlist Auth table has your public IP address and you should be good. Haven't done this for years though. oh, and check any firewalls on the server to allow those ports
  2. Have you created the user trinity in MySQL and given it elevated privileges and verified you can log in using the set username and password? Google is your friend.
  3. Are you able to connect to your database using something like SQLyog or HeidiSQL using port 3307 and the username trinity, password trinity. If you can you should be good. Personally, i would uninstall MYSQL and re-install it to use the correct port. As for installing the database, you shouldn't be doing it manually. Just put it in the BIN folder and let it do it by itself. You need to read over the WIKI again and follow the steps exactly.
  4. Did you change the worldserver.conf and authserver.conf files to point to your DB (username password and correct path)
  5. Windows firewall maybe. Make sure you didn't typo an IP address. You only need to port forward on the router if you are trying to access from the outside.
  6. With the exception of me using make -j 2, I ran the same steps on Saturday on the same OS and it completed fine. I was several weeks out of date.
  7. A while ago i created a Master branch, but as a lot of content was missing, i didn't keep on top of it, so i went out of sync. My client is now at There doesn't seem to be a way to specify which patch of the client to update to, so if i update the client through Blizzard, its always to the latest version. Whats the best way to keep the client in sync with the master branch? When you update the current supported version, do you always go to the latest version? if not, would it be possible to find out what the next supported patch will be?
  8. I seem to remember that you need to log in to the game with the AHbot account. Not sure if that's still required. Does the worldserver.log give any clue?
  9. What is the IP address and subnet mask of your Router and Server? You seem to be mixing 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x 192.168.x.x is a private address range. If you have set up port forwarding, i assume you want to connect from outside your network. In which case, you need to use the public address that is shown if you go to whatsmyip.org from your server. you should set the public address in realmlist.wtf and also in the realmlist table in the database.
  10. ./worldserver in the directory where the file is located in terminal, is the same as worldserver.exe in a dos box
  11. Put the client on a USB hard drive? Might be a bit slow though.
  12. Either open worldserver.exe in a cmd prompt or look at the worldserver.log to find the problem.
  13. If you have set as a local host address, then you need to be careful with your subnet masks. The local Host subnet mask should be a not
  14. Have you tried using the IP address instead of the PC host name on your port forward. You can also test if its working externally by telnet / ssh to your public IP:8085
  15. Did you create the vmaps directory first and is it empty?
  16. Have you tried clearing the cache and deleting the content of the WTF folder.
  17. I could be wrong but on Master i believe you also need to forward port 3724 to your server as well.
  18. I will try and help out a little, but i'm not going to build the server for you, you are going to need to read, re-read and if still not unsure google is your friend. Lets start here. Everything above this is probably OK This is talking about the mysql installation. When you installed this you will have provided a password. The way you access the mysql database is via a username and password. The default username is root. The password is the one you used when installing mysql. You can test access on a command line using mysql -uroot -p<your password>. If it works you should have a mysql prompt. If it fails for authentication .. you will need to re-install and be more careful. You can either leave it at default or create a new user and password setting the permissions as described. I would suggest for a starter, Its easier to do this using a database editor such as HEIDISQL or SQLYOG I believe its talking about the worldserver.conf file. You need to edit that and apply your settings. specifically the username and password for you mysql server. Read through the config file as there are lots of settings in there that affect the game. The next section is the main database download. You need to download that .7z file and extract it and put the TDB_FULL file in your BIN folder where the wroldserver.exe file is. Then you need to use a software too such as Heidisql or SQLYOG (Google them and look at some examples) to import the database configuration files. The only file you need to import is the create_mysql.sql. That one sets up the individual databases 'auth' 'characters' and 'world' The main database will import when you run the worldserver.exe for the first time. Hope that helps in some way.
  19. Did you drop and re-create all three databases as described in the wiki before trying to run the world server?
  20. See this for port forwarding on that device: https://portforward.com/sagemcom/orange-livebox-3/
  21. The destination IP on your router would be going to one host .. so the mask would be The source i would say is any IP address, but failing that it would be you public IP obtained from whatsmyip.org. with the mask
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