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    Here, have mine https://paste2.org/PMN1IWYK
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    Since we are targeting C++17 compilers, GCC 6.3, clang 4 and Visual Studio 2017 under version 15.7 will become unsupported after summer We give this warning to allow people to ready their systems with enough time to update (it's very likely Debian 10 will be shipped on 2nd quarter 2019). (Visual Studio 2019 release date is on 2nd quarter 2019) https://clang.llvm.org/cxx_status.html https://gcc.gnu.org/projects/cxx-status.html#cxx17
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    not confirm! use Arctium launcher not retail tools launcher and extrators https://github.com/ReyDonovan/TrinityCoreReforge/tree/master/contrib/launcher (sorry link)
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    This isnt a supported scenario, bnetserver has three separate build ranges that are incompatible with each other due to changes in client 6.0 to 6.2.3 6.2.4 to 7.2.5 7.3 to now
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    I do not know, with arctiumlauncher works perfectly for me. Have you tried modifying the ip address in the file "WTF/Config .wtf" What is your SO? Some ppl with Linux have the same problem.
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    Hello, I recently just updated to the latest version on master (, SHA: 138e822d859fd9ff9d79e1ce16823992ad43aec4) and noticed that my linux build was no longer compiling. The build was failing on a few variables in 'UpdateFields.h' due to the variables being named the same as their struct/class UpdateFields.h : 384 : UpdateFieldArray<QuestLog, 100, 35, 36> QuestLog; UpdateFields.h : 482 : UpdateFieldArray<DynamicUpdateField<Research, -1, -1>, 1, 20, 21> Research; UpdateFields.h : 495 : DynamicUpdateField<SpellPctModByLabel, 0, 17> SpellPctModByLabel; UpdateFields.h : 496 : DynamicUpdateField<SpellFlatModByLabel, 0, 18> SpellFlatModByLabel; UpdateFields.h : 577 : UpdateFieldArray<RestInfo, 2, 461, 462> RestInfo; UpdateFields.h : 586 : UpdateFieldArray<PVPInfo, 6, 551, 552> PvpInfo; It compiles fine in visual studio but fails with gcc. I am not familiar enough with gcc to know if there are any settings that would allow this. However, in the mean time, I was able to get it to compile by providing the namespace for the struct. It works but might not be the best solution or fit with the coding standards. Heres the updates below. UpdateFields.h : 384 : UpdateFieldArray<UF::QuestLog, 100, 35, 36> QuestLog; UpdateFields.h : 482 : UpdateFieldArray<DynamicUpdateField<UF::Research, -1, -1>, 1, 20, 21> Research; UpdateFields.h : 495 : DynamicUpdateField<UF::SpellPctModByLabel, 0, 17> SpellPctModByLabel; UpdateFields.h : 496 : DynamicUpdateField<UF::SpellFlatModByLabel, 0, 18> SpellFlatModByLabel; UpdateFields.h : 577 : UpdateFieldArray<UF::RestInfo, 2, 461, 462> RestInfo; UpdateFields.h : 586 : UpdateFieldArray<UF::PVPInfo, 6, 551, 552> PvpInfo; I was thinking about making a pull request for it but wanted to make sure it was correct first. Also, wasn't sure how the pull request process works in github. Let me know if there are any issues with this or if there is anything that needs to be changed. Thank you, Chaz H
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    Hi everyone, My client does not have the `.build.info` file in the root directory of the client install. I think that this causes my `mapextractor` (latest commit as of yesterday) to fail as it cannot find any locales. I've searched everywhere and my google-fu failed me. I cannot find this file anywhere. From my understanding, this file is one of the required files to be able to open the casc storage via the Zezula's casc library. Can I somehow generate this file? Thank you.
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    TDB 335.19031 released new naming standard: 19 year 03 month 1 1st release of month.
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    Two new full world database has been upload to Github Releases. TDB 735.00 (2018/02/19) was released for the master branch (previous release TDB 720.00 from 2017/04/18). TDB 335.19031 (2019/03/19) was released for the 3.3.5 branch (previous release TDB 335.64 from 2018/02/19). Notes: If you are installing a new DB you only need the 2 full SQLs plus any file at /sql/updates/world/ and sql/updates/hotfixes/ on Trinitycore repository. On 3.3.5: single full SQL file plus any file at /sql/updates/world/
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    known bug it needs to be fixed. you did nothing incorrect on your side.
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    Quick answer, NO. Not so quick answer: A low latency game server by design is not stateless, more then less it manages every state in memory, database writes will happen scheduled and normaly only a smal set of data will be replicated in database, for example no movement data from players ecc. For this reason i think your setup would not work with trinity even if you would rewrite a lot of code. for load balancing i've seen some server using multiple nodes to host maps separated, but there where never 2 servers running the same map
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    No, I wanted to say that maybe different people do the same thing at the same time and nobody knows it.
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    Haha, I'm wondering how much people on german p-server translate quest_complete_texts parallel and manually :-) But the quest_template_locale table contains a lot of field names from an earlier core version. Actually the relations are: quest_template:LogDescription - quest_template_locale:Objectives quest_template:AreaDescription - quest_template_locale:EndText quest_template:QuestDescription - quest_template_locale:Details quest_template:ObjectiveText1 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText1 quest_template:ObjectiveText2 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText2 quest_template:ObjectiveText3 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText3 quest_template:ObjectiveText4 - quest_template_locale:ObjectiveText4 quest_template:QuestCompletionLog - quest_template_locale:CompletedText quest_requested_items:CompletionText - quest_template_locale:RequestedItemsText quest_offer_reward:RewardText - quest_template_locale:OfferRewardText May it helps, otherwise please make an example of a quest.
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    You can be waiting for a long time since 7.3.5 is after all unsupported version
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